Society and Culture

Anglican Church in New Zealand and Polynesia

Features information on the three Tikanga cultural streams encompassing Maori, New Zealand and Pasefika including details of the dioceses, history, liturgical resources, events, youth and education.

Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management

Online peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes articles about the arts, cultural management, and cultural policy issues in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Australasian Housing Institute

Professional body available to everyone who works in social housing across New Zealand and Australia provides details of the organizational structure, membership services, professional development and recognition, awards, publications, news and information.

Australian and New Zealand Association of Bellringers

Bellringers association operating in Australia and New Zealand provides details of branches and activities, tower directory, membership and publications.

Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand

Offers details of membership, conferences and events.

Rebel Worker

Paper of the Anarcho-syndicalist network in Australia.

Tidal Pools

An initiative between the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre and Va'aomanu Pasifika at Wellington University which provides texts relating to the history, lanuages, culture and politics of the Pacific islands.

Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific

A resource from University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.