Human Rights

Committee for Humanitarian Assistance to Iranian Refugees

Non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of Iranian refugees. Contact particulars posted.

Human Rights Watch - Publications: Iran

Contains a bibliography of human rights articles and publications.

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Aims to gather support for Iranian human rights activists and defenders advocating for civil, political, social, and economic rights. Includes news, a blog, and background resources and reports.

International Federation of Iranian Refugees

Dedicated to the defense and organization of protests of Iranian refugees. Contains articles and related links.

Iranian Minorities Human Right Organisation (IMHRO)

An independent non governmental organization campaigning for the human rights of ethnic, religious, gender and sexual minorities in Iran.

Iranian Refugees Alliance, Inc.

Provides insights on the background of the organization as well as its aims and principles.

Stoning to Death in Iran

Overview on the pre-Islamic practice of punishing people who committed moral offenses. Contains a video clip and documented resolutions carried out by human rights organizations.


A global network of Iranian and non-Iranian individuals and activists working to promote fundamental human and civil rights in Iran; includes resources, news, how to help, and blogs.