Travel and Tourism

Complete Crete

A Crete travel guide created by a British couple offering details of unspoilt beaches, flora and fauna, the food and eating out tips.

Cretan Beaches

A comprehensive guide to the many beaches in Crete with location details and visitors comments.

Crete Guide

A personal site designed to help holiday makers explore Crete independently on a low budget. Includes maps, weather reports and useful resources.

Crete Holidays Guide

A holiday makers guide to Crete with details of the islands, locations and beaches as well as nightlife and restaurants.

Crete in Pictures

An online library of photographs of Crete that most tourists never see, including autumn, winter and spring images and facts.

Crete Island Holiday Guide

An overview of Crete with details of its history, weather, beach locations and maps. Includes accommodation links and live web cams.

Crete Islands

Providing details, images and area information for the many Crete islands along with travel guides, car rental information and places of interest.

De Hollandse Jeepsafari

Offers a one day safari tour in open top jeeps in convoys of up to 12 vehicles. Details of the areas visited with images and online booking.

Footscapes of Crete

Offers a range of walks in Crete coupled with villa accommodation in the Crete countryside just south of Rethymno.

Holidays To Crete

Travel agency with details of holiday packages staying in hotels, apartments and resorts. Area details, prices and booking information.

West Crete Holidays Guide

An online guide with maps, climate details and transport information for anybody planning a holiday in Crete.