Society and Culture

Act On Aid Denmark

Find information on getting involved, donations, news, documents, activities and education.

Actavista Denmark

Organisation provides details of work, getting involved, donations, news, documents and education.

British Council Denmark

International organization that focuses on educational and cultural relations. Provides details on facilities that offer education and attractions.

Danish Deaf Association

Deaf association provides details of values, resources, milestones, sign language dictionary, membership and facts about deaf people.

Food Organisation of Denmark

Not for profit organisation focusing on Nordic food culture provides details of people, projects and activities.

Human Rights Law

Provides documents and readings that promote equality and justice for all Danish people.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

Provides information on the country's local businesses, education, and society.

New Comers Club

Enlists and provides details on organizations for men and women in the country.

People Going Global

Directory of organizations within the areas of government, business, culture, TV, and media.