Society and Culture

Archdiocese of Colombo

Presents details of the Catholic Archdiocese including history, administration, activities, education, relief work, news and information.

Buddhist Katarangama Skanda

Official website with news, information and features articles.

Cultural Survival Trust

Offers an overview of the trust with details of goals, objectives and methods, research, partnership, conservations, exhibitions, news, cultural information and contacts.

Derechos Human Rights Sri Lanka

Offers a view on human rights in Sri Lanka with news, information and resources.

Koslanda Living Hertiage Reserve

Explains the tradition of Koslanda and provides information and resources.

Living Hertitage

Non profit organisation dedicated to the preservation of the heritage of Sri Lanka provides information on getting involved, a knowledge centre, photo gallery and resources.

Sacred Sites of Sri Lanka

A resource providing information on the sacred sites of Sri Lanka.


Details of non profit organization including information on projects, activities, units and donations.

Sigiriya The Mount of Rememberance

Offers an overview of the Sigiriya including information on the legend, issues, editorials and images.

Sri Dalada Maligawa

Provides information on the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

Sri Lanka History

Provides historical information, related links and resources on the history of Sri Lanka from pre history to the present.

Sri Lanka Human Rights

Contains details of publications, statements, press releases and related websites.

Sri Lanka National Museum

Gives the history of the national museum plus details of division, galleries, history, regional museums, news and contacts.

Sri Pada

Information on the mountain also known as Adam's Peak including myth, legend and geography.


Presents information on Sri Lanka's indigenous inhabitants including features and articles, regional maps and history.

Virtual Library Sri Lanka

Offers information on history, heritage, results, people, myths and Buddhism plus a special report on the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster of 2004.