Society and Culture

Amitabha Buddhist Meditation Center

Regular meditation and Buddhist classes in Japanese and English.

Gender Information Site

Site for the advocacy of a gender-equal society in Japan, run by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office, including white papers, reports, and a National Plan of Action.

Japan FAQ: Know Before You Go

Elaborates on what to expect during flights and details visa procedures, accommodation, health insurance, and transportation.

Japan Forum

Forum about Japan and Japanese pop culture including music, anime, language, travel, and more.

Japan Review

Contains essays on foreign policy and macroeconomics. Includes transcripts of interviews with economists, journalists and activists.


Site showcases the curious tradition of Western stars who will go to Japan to do celebrity endorsements.

Japanese Cultural Glossary

Provides definitions of traditional terms based on a tourist’s point of view.

Japanese Way of Death

Contains personal experience on traditional funerals. Explains process and customs followed.