Asian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

Offers details of the executive board, members, objectives, event calendar, meetings and events.

Asian College of Psychosomatic Medicine Congress

Find information on the annual congress including details of registration, accommodation, social and scientific programs.

Asian Health Foundation

Nonprofit organization committed to improving the health of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders, primarily focusing on addressing the problem of Hepatitis B.

Asian Sleep Research Society

Society founded in 1992 provides details of history, member societies, office bearers, membership, meetings, scientific committees, newsletter and archives.

Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Society news and information including details of the constitution, application form, members, officers, committees, events, annual meetings, official journal and contacts.

Asian Surgical Association

Association profile including information on history and objectives, council members, scientific activities, regional issues, membership, journal, congresses, honorary members, news and events.

Catholic Health Association of India

Non governmental organisation provides details of activities and services, initiatives, members, publications, facilities, donations, press, news education and training.

Health Security in Central Asia

News and information on health security including details of conference presentations and interventions.

Reproductive Health Initiative for Youth in Asia

Offers an overview of the initiative with news, information and resources.

South East Asia Association for Dental Education

Dental education association provides details of membership, scientific meetings, activities and events.


Official website of the Southeast Asian regional office of the World Health Organization. Presents an overview of the regional health situation, health system development information, updates, and links to related websites.