Society and Culture

For Tibet

Promotes the preservation of Tibetan culture, language, religious practices, and art.

Friends of Tibetan Women's Association

Assists exiled Tibetans and orphaned children. Also promotes the welfare of the country through art.

International Campaign for Tibet

Contains organization highlights, campaign profiles, and activity ideas.


Facilitates activities to relieve poverty, preserve the culture, and protect the environment of the country.

Presents video and audio presentations regarding the cultural and social news highlights within the locality.

Rangzen Means Independence

Promotes democracy and human rights within the country. Shows event highlights and press archives.

The Guardian: Claims of Forced Abortions

Explores authenticity of the newspaper reports on the social issue.

The Neydo Foundation

Offers cultural, educational, and welfare assistance to the Tibetan populace. Posts contribution guides and activity schedules.

Tibet Aid

Find information on sponsorship and humanitarian relief projects.

Tibet Awareness Site

Details the political and cultural issues plaguing the country.

Tibet Charity

Contains project details, leadership highlights, and event schedules of the organization.

Tibet Foundation

Promotes the works of the Dalai Lama and of the Tibetan Buddhism culture.

Tibet Poverty Alleviation Fund

Details the programs and sponsors of the local non-profit initiative.

Tibet Search

Features social and political discussion boards organized by topic and region.

Tibetan Transliteration Converter

Provides a transliteration conversion and typesetting facility for the Tibetan language.