China: Classical Music

Posts details of the various musical instruments used on the local art. Also contains lists of audio recordings.

Chinese Musical Instruments

Sells classical instruments including the guqin, guzheng, pipa, erhu, xiao and danbau. Also contains resources related to the art.

Chinese Traditional String Instruments

Provides details of the main plucked and bowed instruments used on the musical arts.

Erhu Music by George Gao

Contains record archives, sheet music lists, and instrument profiles.

Friends of Guqin

Provides profile of the classical Chinese music art and instruments. Also provides image galleries of local artists.

John Thompson on the Guqin Silk String Zither

Shows highlights and photos of the local musical tool. Also discusses the impact of the instrument on the Chinese culture.

Li Xiangting

Contains galleries, audio clips, and appearance schedules of the music artist.

Melody of China

Showcases the organization that seeks to promote classical music from the country. Provides a list of artists performing the local art.

Music From China

Posts the society’s event highlights, program details, and artist profile.

North American Guqin Association

Promotes the classical musical art. Shows affiliate profiles and event schedules.

San Francisco Guzheng Music Society

Features the organization that promotes the Chinese string instruments and musical arts to the community. Provides event schedules and list of affiliated groups.

The Internet Chinese Music Archive

Features sound clips of Chinese music from a wide variety of time periods and styles.

Wang Fei Guqin

Provides reviews and criticisms on the Chinese performer and instructor.