African Elections Database - Rwanda

Contains information on the electoral system in Rwanda including sections on the political situation, statistics and results.

Government of Rwanda

Official government news, information and resources including sections on the government, history, national symbols, the economy and tourism.

Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources

Agricultural ministry provides details of responsibilities, institutions, partners, key services, media, staff, user guide and news updates. MINAGRI_Rwanda

Ministry of Health

Health ministry provides details of indicators, facilities, publications, tenders, health working groups, ethic committee, organisational structure, jobs and partners.

Office of the Prime Minister

Find information on the prime minister, government, media, publications, cabinet decisions, official gazettes, announcements and events. primaturerwanda

Rwandan Embassy in the United Kingdom

Offers a country profile, news, and a collection of links to support tourism, trade and investment; also describes visa and consular services.

United Nations - Rwanda

Features UN news and information on Rwanda including details of programmes.

World Statesman - Rwanda

Presents a political country profile including information on the constitution, population, national anthem, chronology and statistics.