Guides and Directories

African Studies Center – Mozambique

Contains a directory of resources related to Mozambique.

BBC News - Country Profile – Mozambique

Presents an overview about the country with facts on politics, economy, and the current leadership.

CIA – The World Factbook: Mozambique

Features a map of the country, plus information on geography, the people, its government, and the economy.

Columbia University Libraries – African Studies: Mozambique

Displays a directory of different categories and resources related to Mozambique.

Stanford University - Africa South of the Sahara: Mozambique

Presents a directory of links related to Mozambique, with annotations included.

UK Foreign Office - Country Profiles: Mozambique

Covers basic information about the country, with economic facts and articles on international relations, human rights, and politics provided.

US Department of State - Mozambique

Shows a map and flag of Mozambique, includes fact sheets and press releases, and provides overview about the country.

US Library of Congress - Portals to the World: Mozambique

Collection of annotated link references about the country, arranged in a categorical order.