Ethiopian Diabetes Association

Association focusing on diabetes in Ethiopia provides details of resources, activities, events, news, patient information, partners and contacts.

Ethiopian Midwives Association

Association of Ethiopian midwives provides details of projects, partners, government stakeholders, news and resources.

Save Your Holy Land

Non-profit, non-government indigenous organization working to help the poor and the disadvantaged in the areas of sanitation and anti-HIV/AIDS.

The Denan Project

Founded to provide qualified medical support and services to the community’s 4 million population. Accepts donations for medicines and other hospital needs.

The Fistula Foundation

Aims to prevent and treat women inflicted with obstetric fistula, an injury caused by obstructed labor. Also targets to attain financial sustainability and expansion of treatment services.

United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea

Coordinates and provides technical assistance for humanitarian activities; monitors events on the hostilities.

World Health Organization - Ethiopia

Repository of information on health services, development projects, news and events.