Central Bank of Egypt

Posts press releases, news reports and updates from the financial institution together with market statistics on exchange rates and interbank and interest rates.

Constitution of Egypt

Official copy of the constitution translated into English, provided by the government of Egypt.

Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency

Provides information regarding the bureau’s institutional framework, principal functions and its various tasks. Also provides summary of services offered.

Egyptian State Information Services

State information services provides news and views on politics, the economy, tourism, culture and the arts, history, society and publications.

International Constitutional Law – Egypt Index

Supplies relevant information regarding the country’s constitutional background and highlights various significant events in its history pertaining to its charter.

National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority

Describes the role of the authority including information on services, licensing, regulations, trends and technologies, the Egyptian telecom market and consumer information.

US Law Library of Congress – Egypt

Reference database containing listings of resources pertaining the country’s legal system such as its constitution and separation of powers.

World Legal Information Institute – Egypt

Contains extensive reference sources about the North African Arab country ranging from government to international agreements.

World Statesmen – Egypt

Features images chronicling changes in the country’s flag as well as timeline of its history starting from the era of the pharaohs to the present republic.