Alternative Medicine Alternative Medicine

Includes recommended reading, discussions, feature articles, answers to typically asked questions, and alternative medicine blogs.

Alaskan Essences

Designed a system of vibrational healing based on the co-creative relationship among plants, minerals and kingdoms. Offers flower essences, gem elixers and other environmental elixers. Access research articles and find available products and services.

Alternative Medicine Ancient and Modern

Contains definition, origins, and modern applications for various alternative treatment and therapy systems.

Dr Hulga Clark

Find information on Dr Clark's protocol, books and DVD, new updates and products.

Dr Lorraine Day

Find information on alternative therapies provided by Dr Day, an orthopedic surgeon, author and cancer survivor.

Health Ecology

Information on the non-profit including its objectives, history, programs, experiments, publications and more. With Russian version and pictures.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

NCCAM is part of NIH (National Institute of Health) and supports and disseminates evidence-based research and evaluations of dietary supplements. NCCAM

PolyMVA Survivors

Find information on PloyMVA including a practitioners list, scientific research and testimonials.

Real Natural Cures

Provides information about natural remedies made from plants, herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients for alternative medicine. kevinfoulds

The Ornish Spectrum

Find information on the research of Dr Ornish including details of programs, news and resources.