Special Decks

Acorn Naturalists: Compost Gin

Sells this card game that teaches about decomposition and composting. Provides game description and online purchase.

Cool Studio – Burn Rate

Produces a Korean version of the game. Contains details on its objective, related reviews, and a virtual tour.

Crazy 8ths Musical Card Games

Offers game versions available for purchase. Includes game overview, FAQs, and ordering information.

Deluxe Pit Card Game

Recommended game for ages 7 and up. Contains information on the game's rules and downloadable versions.

Dino Hunt

Family friendly card based dinosaur hunting game.

Doris and Frank: Mu and Mehr

Official page of the game’s publisher. Contains details on its rules, variants, and tournaments.

Dutch Blitz

Chronicles game history; with its rules, hints, and tips included.

Epinions.com: Apples to Apples

Online customer reviews of the popular card based game Apples to Apples.

Game Cabinet

Contains reviews conducted by Mike Siggins on a selection of special deck card games.

Game Cabinet: Five Alive

Review of the game by Mike Clifford. Details the card's description, playing mechanism, and package content.

Game Cabinet: KatzenJammer Blues

Document review by Mike Siggins. Covers information on the game's play setting and playing phases.

Game Zombies: Filthy Rich

Presents a review about the game that includes its concept, game-play, and winning condition.

Go Surf

Showcases the game’s card deck and provides information about its rules and ordering instructions.

House of Cards: Mille Bornes

Offers downloadable editions of the game available for purchase. With the versions overview and pricing presented.

Ouray Toys, Inc.

Provides editions of the game available for sale. Also details the game's descriptions and price rate.

Professor Noggin's Card Game Series

Provides card games for children, with information on the games featured, media releases, and contact details included.

Race for the Galaxy

Publisher site features a description of the card game created by Tom Lehmann and offers rules and purchase information.

RC Hobbies: Klunker

Presents the game's summary, playing components, and purchasing price.

RPGnet: AlphaBlitz

Explains the game's overview and objectives. Contains information on its rules, price, and downloading details.

RPGnet: Fight City

Play-test review by Brad Weier. Covers game rules, card descriptions, and strategies.

RPGnet: Power Lunch

Presents a capsule review about the game's rules, strategies, and tips.

RPGnet: The Great Dalmuti

Come with a play-test review written by Jake de Oude. Includes particulars on the game's history, package content, and rules.

Set, The Card Game in Java

Online, browser-based version of the game. Includes instructions and source code.

Snowball Fight Card Game

Describes the game and offers purchase information.

Steve Jackson Games: Illuminati

Showcases a Deluxe edition of the game; with information on gaming rules, sample cards, and images provided.

Wunderland.com: Aquarius

Official page of the game. Presents details on the product's description, game-play instructions, and FAQs.