Shedding and Accumulating Checks

Explains the rules on the game-play. With particulars on the game board to be used, hand dealing and card values.

Pagat: Climbing Games

Played especially in China. With details on the five games including Zheng Shangyou, Zheng Fen and Tien Len.

Pagat: Eights Group

Presents the rules on playing Crazy Eights, Spoons, Crates, Last one and Kapaga. Displays details on the game’s variants.

Pagat: Kings Corner

Information on the game requirements plus dealing and scoring instructions along with its variations.

The Queen

Two-player card game invented by James Yates. Presents information on dealing instructions, rules and scoring plays.


Information about the card game played on Yahoo!. Presents the mechanics, bonuses, and a few notes.