Bella Online Card Games Editor

Features a directory of card games, suppliers, and tournament resource. With game list and discussion forums included.

Blackjack Tactics

Shows a guide to Blackjack strategy. Covers information on related articles, game rules, and betting systems.

Card Game

Offers a guide to online card games and their rules.

Card Games Guide

Provides information about hundreds of card and tile games from all parts of the world.

Casino Card Game

Guide to card and other games commonly played in casinos.

Casino Card Game Reviews

Offers reviews, rules and information about card games found in land based casinos and online.

House of Cards

Resource for information about card games, which contains particulars on the rules, downloads, and related links.

New Card Games

Directory of games invented by Andrew and Alan Brewood and Francis Irving. Details the gaming instructions and variants provided.

Parlett's Historic Card Games

Compilation of old card games rules and game-play instructions.

Play Card Games

Offers rule guides for traditional, commercial and proprietary card games, plus articles on strategy and skill.

Playing Cards Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated for collectors, researchers, and card game enthusiasts. With gallery of basic card games, custom cards, and a list of gaming societies presented.