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If you are in the market for a laptop, then you have come to the right place. Today’s laptops are portable powerhouses that you cannot live without. However, choosing one can be a chore, especially if you are on a budget. If you need to find a laptop for your business, gaming, or video watching needs, we have a great list of the best budget models on the market that are sure to fit the bill. 

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Google Pixelbook Go

Lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, the Pixelbook Go from Google offers a different computing experience that will maximize your productivity and allow you…



Innovative, high performance, custom PCs. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Offers online product and service information along with customizable options for home computers, portables and servers. Unclaimed: Claim this business



Designs and manufactures notebook computers and accessories. Unclaimed: Claim this business



Site presents a company overview, news releases, product and service details, and information on investor relations and global presence. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Laptop Institute

International think tank organization created for schools that use or consider using laptops and tablet PCs as learning tools. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Laptop Laidback

Offers an ergonomic laptop table usable as a bed stand or as a laptop desk. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Laptop Reviews Online

Compiles reviews of laptops from various manufacturers including Acer, Apple, Compaq, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and Asus. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Laptop Searcher

Offers laptop reviews as well as comparison tools, guides, and forums. Unclaimed: Claim this business


M-Tech Laptops

Line of low-cost notebooks, laptops, computers, and gaming laptops. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Find links to the latest Notebook reviews and best prices. Unclaimed: Claim this business



Seller of laptop computers, gaming laptops, and Centrino notebooks. Site provides product specifications, contacts, and reviews. Unclaimed: Claim this business

Best Budget Laptops Under $1000

These days, everyone is on the go. Whether it is finishing that report for work, emailing a friend, or playing your favorite video game, we want to do what we want when we want to, and we want it to happen seamlessly. Luckily, you can accomplish your tasks in record time with one of the great new laptops that are on the market today.

The laptops that we will talk about today are small and sleek, but they pack quite a punch as far as processing power and storage. Plus, they have the juice necessary to run anything from an Excel sheet to an action platformer video game with no lag. And best of all, the laptops on this list are under $1000. Check out our reviews below and choose a model that works best for your budget and lifestyle.

Buying Guide


Although any of these fine laptops will be great for any of your business or gaming needs while also fitting within your budget, there are other factors that you may want to consider when looking for a device for your specific needs. Before you choose a model, consider the factors in our buying guide below.

Choosing An Operating System


Although many people don’t think much about the different types of operating systems and often just use what comes with their computer, there are benefits for each depending on how you plan to use it.


Microsoft Windows - More than 80% of computers use it, so you will typically always have support along with the necessary hardware and drivers available if you need to troubleshoot. Windows is also the best operating system for gamers. It’s not flawless, however, as it is not as secure as other operating systems.


Apple OS X - Many people like using the operating systems available on Apple computers because they are less technical and easier to use. This OS is also extremely secure, and the likelihood of getting a computer virus is minimal. On the downside, it can be a more expensive option.


Chrome OS - If you don’t want to get bogged down on the details then the Chrome OS is for you as it requires minimal hardware specifications to run. That means it is also very efficient and provides a straightforward user experience. Since it works with Android, you can also use this OS on your smartphone. This OS is great for more casual users, but it is a bit limited for heavier computer usage.

Consider The Screen Size


The benefit of laptops is that they are portable, so you can take them wherever you want and work from anywhere. Laptops come in many different sizes but you shouldn’t just pick any computer without considering how big you need it to be, especially when it comes to the screen size. 


If you are constantly on the move then you will likely want the smallest model that will typically have a screen size of 11-14 inches. Most laptops will come with a screen size between 14-16 inches and that is great for most office or gaming tasks. 


While there are exceptions, the largest laptop screens are typically between 17-18 inches. If your work involves many minute details or you are a mobile gamer and you want to enjoy every pixel of your adventure platformer, then you should go for the largest screen.

Choosing A Processor


You will see many different specs when looking at laptops, but perhaps the most important component is the processor, which is essentially the brain of the laptop. The processor you choose will determine what you are able to do, so choose carefully. Here are your main options:


INTEL Core I5 - This is a great processor for medium-use laptops that will allow you to complete most office tasks and watch videos online without lag.


INTEL Core I3 - This processor is a bit less powerful than the I5, but it can still be used in a device used primarily for office work and will often be featured in less expensive models. 


INTEL Core I7 - This is the fastest INTEL processor, and it is ideal if you plan to do heavy multitasking with many different productivity tasks or you are using the laptop primarily for playing AAA video games.


Note: Some laptop models may come with alternative processors, such as the AMD RYZEN 7 or AMD ATHLON chip. Both of these are suitable processors that are similar to the INTEL Core I5.

Considering the best Random Access Memory (RAM)

The amount of Random Access Memory (RAM) that you have in your device will determine how fast your laptop will operate on any given task. Currently, most laptops will come with 4, 8, or 16 GB (gigabytes) of RAM. Here is what they mean and how you should choose:


4GB of RAM - As the most limited amount of RAM you will see these days, having just 4 gigabytes won’t set your world on fire, but it is plenty if you use your laptop for standard tasks like writing documents, YouTube, and playing basic games. Laptops with 4GB or RAM will also often be less expensive.


8GB of RAM - If you plan to do the tasks described above, but you also do heavier computing, including graphic design, computer programming, or high-quality gaming, then you’ll want 8 gigabytes of RAM. 


16GB of RAM - The most powerful option will also be the most expensive option, but if you plan to play the most ambitious games and use powerful software like those designed for AUTOCAD, then 16 gigabytes may be the best option. Keep in mind that a laptop with this amount of RAM will also be much more expensive.

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