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These days, we spend most of our time behind a computer and whether we are playing an epic action game or creating a spreadsheet for our boss, we need to work with ultimate clarity, and you can see everything in vivid detail with a good computer monitor.

If you are in the market for a new monitor, there are many considerations you should make along the way, including finding the right size, specs, and the bells and whistles that will make your gaming or work experience easier to see and enjoy.

We have compiled a list of the best computer monitors on the market today to help you make the best decision. In addition to helpful specs, we will let you know which monitors we deem are best for gaming, home office, and eSports, along with which is the best curved model and the best choice for those on a budget.

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3D Technology Laboratories, Inc.

Visualization products and display hardware for various industries including military, medicine, science, engineering, education, and entertainment. Unclaimed: Claim this business



Production and distribution firm specializing in digital media and displays. Offers flat panels and projector-based signage solutions. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Action Electronics Co. Ltd.

OEM, LCD, and computer monitor manufacturer based in Taiwan. Site provides information on product lines, investor services, and contacts. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Ampronix, Inc

Professional imaging company specializing in medical imaging and display products. Unclaimed: Claim this business



Maker and supplier of touch screen components serving device makers worldwide. Unclaimed: Claim this business


AOC International GmbH

European company manufactures video displays, monitors, scanners, and LCD. Unclaimed: Claim this business


Aydin Displays

Industrial and military flat panel display manufacturer. Also offers OEM replacement monitors, rack and panel mount monitors, and touch screens. Unclaimed: Claim this business

While we have talked about some of the best computer monitors on the market today, the option you choose ultimately comes down to your needs and desires for what you want a computer screen to do for you. Below are some considerations before you purchase your new monitor.


Consider How You Plan To Use It


Most folks purchase expensive computer monitors because they either play games or do a lot of office work on a daily basis. You need to decide what is more important and then use these tips to find what will work.


If You’re A Gamer


Video games are only getting more advanced as time goes on, with special effects that rival those at the movie theater. If you want to get the most out of RPGs and action games, then you’ll want to find a monitor with these qualities:


HD Resolution - That is the only way to fully appreciate a game’s graphical styles and excel as you play.


Response Time of 2 Milliseconds (ms) or Faster - This is how fast the colors transition on your screen so you have a seamless viewing experience. While 2 ms is good, 5 ms is best if you can get one.


Refresh Rate of 60Hz or Faster - You need a fast refresh rate because games are made of millions of frames, and if you are missing frames, you are missing your chance to succeed in the game. A 60Hz refresh rate will make sure you don’t miss a thing.

If It’s For Office Work


If you work remotely or you primarily use your computer for administrative tasks and the occasional YouTube video, then you won’t need the same powerhouse that you would need for gaming, and any device on our list above will suit your needs. However, to ensure your device runs smoothly, look for the following specs:


Processing Power - The type of computer you get will depend on the work you do, but if you work on multiple documents at once or use a lot of Excel, then you will need strong processing power. If you are doing that common type of work, then go for a computer with an Intel Core i7 processor or better, which will also translate to a clear picture on your monitor.


RAM - RAM is the memory in your computer that provides the oomph you need to complete common tasks. A computer with 8GB or RAM will be perfectly suitable for most office tasks. If you mix in video watching and the occasional video game, then a 16GB RAM device will be optimal.


It Needs To Be Adjustable


Whether you are a gamer or an office user, you will need to find a computer monitor that you can use for many hours without causing pain or strain. So, you will want to find a computer monitor that is adjustable so you are not experiencing neck strain and you are not bending over in your chair to view the screen and causing back pain.


When you sit at a computer, the rule of thumb is to have the top of the monitor at or below eye level. The monitor should be at a slight angle with the top back so you can see the entire screen without needing to bend your neck. As cool as a computer monitor may be, if you don’t find a model that is adjustable to your height then you will do more harm than good.


Necessary Connections


When shopping for a computer monitor, you need to ensure that it can connect to your computer, laptop or gaming system. Monitors will include some or all of these connections, so make sure you get what you need.


DisplayPort - At a minimum, your monitor needs to have a DisplayPort that will connect to most desktop computers and laptops. If you are a gamer, look for a DisplayPort 1.4, which will support 4K gaming.


HDMI - If you really want the best picture for work or play, then find a monitor that provides at least one HDMI connection. Not only will you have the clearest picture possible, but with an HDMI 2.0 port, you will get the vivid 4K picture and the 60Hz refresh rate that is ideal for gaming.


Audio Connection - If you decide to go with a computer monitor that does not come with integrated speakers, then you will want to ensure that the model you do choose has a port so you can connect external speakers. At a minimum, you will need a slot for a 3.5mm audio cable which is like a headphone jack that will work with most external speaker sets.


In the end, it is important to take your time when choosing a new computer monitor, even if you choose a budget model. Find a monitor that will suit all of your needs, that fits within your price range, and one that you can use comfortably, and you’ll have what you need for a long while.

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