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I want to nominate my site!

Please read the Rules and then go to the 1998 Nomination page to add your site.

Who selects the award recipients?

The process is described on our Rules page. Basically, the BOTW judges are only here to remove inappropriate sites from each category and to screen out form spamming. Nominations and voting are done completely by the Web public and any sites that have any connection with our judges are automatically excluded from the process.

Don't you realize there are other countries than the US? Why are all the sites in English?

In 1996, we had quite a few international Web sites nominated, and some of them made it to the final voting period. This contest relies on the nominations and votes of visitors to our site. We do not plan to add a "Best Foreign Language Site" because every site is a foreign language to many users.

We are currently adding non-english pages to the Best of the Web site, to help "level the playing field." However, all nominations will be entered into the same database for voting, regardless of the language.

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