Chimney Sweeping is a job better left to the professionals as there are some dangers involved and because the sweep must be done effectively. And what better place to look for a professional chimney sweeper than on Best of the Web!

HBR Chimney
9719 Trevor Dr
Dallas, TX 75243

We are a local Dallas / Fort Worth Texas full service chimney inspection, repair, and cleaning service with over 20 years experience. We ensure your chimney is safe for use. We perform everything from fireplace cleaning to full masonry repair. We warranty and guarantee all work by our certified technicians.

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Phone(214) 295-8194

HBR Chimney
9719 Trevor Dr
Dallas, TX 75243

We are a local Dallas / Fort Worth Texas full service chimney inspection, repair, and cleaning service with over 20 years experience. We ensure your chimney is safe for use. We perform everything from fireplace cleaning to full masonry repair. We warranty and guarantee all work by our certified technicians.

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For a properly functioning chimney and the dispersal of dangerous combustion gases inside it make sure you choose a reputable chimney sweep company to service your chimney at least once a year. Best of the Web focuses on listing legitimate chimney sweepers in the "chimney sweep" category so that you can find a reputable chimney sweeper in no time.


Whether you are looking for a chimney sweeper for your home or business, you can be confident that Best of the Web will be able to direct you to a professional chimney sweeping company in your area. 


Many of the chimney sweep companies also offer the removal of other things like bird's nests, creosote and cobwebs to ensure that your chimney is functioning as it should. On Best of the Web, you will also be able to find chimney sweepers who include services like repairs and inspection.


If you are looking for a chimney sweep company in your area, there is no need to look anywhere else than on Best of the Web as we make sure that the websites listed on our site are reputable companies. Our editors personally review each website in our directory to make sure they are authoritative



How To Choose The Right Chimney Sweeper For Your Needs?


Keep in mind that there are plenty of scammers out there who would call you up and offer their chimney sweeping service at a low price. Many of these scammers also pose as professionals on the internet, and therefore authoritative sites like Best of the Web makes it easier for you to find real professional companies


Nevertheless, if you choose to go with a company listed on our website, you must do further research to make sure that the company you choose is right for you. Here are some tips to help you find the chimney sweep service that meets your needs.

  • Choose Local


In most cases, it is best to go with the chimney sweep company that is the closest to you. If you choose a local company, it is easier to find out about their reputation and references along the way. 


The closer the chimney sweeper is to your property, the cheaper the service might be. Local companies can arrange to be on your property in no time in case of an emergency and if any issues arise after their job is done, it will be easier to call them back to fix the problem. 

  • Research Reputation 


Most of these companies will have reviews listed on their website; however, it is always best to look at their social media sites as well. On social media sites like Facebook, for example, companies can not hide any negative reviews. While good reviews are excellent, any negative reviews can give you a good indication of how the company deals with issues

  • Look For Certification


If you are dealing with a reputable chimney repair or cleaning service, they will be certified by the nationally recognized Chimney Safety Institute of America. This lets you know that the chimney sweep company is completely qualified. 


Most of these companies will state their accreditation on their website, but if you can not find it, then you can always ask them to send you a proof of certification.  

  • Compare Prices


It is always nice to strike a good deal, but at the same time, you must make sure that lower costs do not compromise the quality of the service you are getting. 


The best way to find both a competitive price and a quality service is to obtain at least three estimates from different chimney sweeps. Make sure to compare all the factors on the estimates so that you can make the right decision.

  • Ask For Proof of Insurance


Insurance coverage is crucial for any company, including chimney sweeps. This includes workers' compensation, property damage and personal liability. A professional chimney sweeper will be able to provide you with information concerning their insurance company and limits of coverage. Documentation of coverage can be requested by the client if needed. 


Make the Right Choice!


No matter how professional the company might seem, if you do not feel comfortable with the way they handle you as a customer from the start, they might not be the right choice for you. Professionalism, open communication, and a friendly attitude from the chimney sweep company will make any customer feel at ease. 


Best Of The Web Makes It Easier For You To Find A Qualified Chimney Sweep In Your Area! Browse Our Listings Now! 

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