Welcome Nerd Herd

We announced via press release yesterday that we have some new additions to the BOTW editorial team. In an effort to provide users with a better resource, we decided that we could use the help of some editors with experience in building quality directories. Enter the Nerd Herd.

We ran an ad a handful of months ago seeking a qualified editor. After finding our man, we formulated a plan to put together an editorial Dream Team. While there is still room for additional talent, the current Nerd Herd is in a league of their own. The few dozen editors that currently comprise the crew include pioneers in the web directory industry, with years of experience editing at directories such as Zeal and DMOZ.

Consistent with our mission, the crew will focus on beefing up both the web directory and blog directory with additional high quality resources. Additionally, their experience uniquely enables them to help shape the taxonomy of the directories in a manner that is intuitive and helpful to users. They will contribute on future projects, and their insight will enhance our efficiencies.

They’re a pretty impressive group of people to work with, and we’re glad to have ‘em on board. We look forward to an exciting future!

Interested parties should contact robjones[at]botw[dot]org to learn about joining the team.


One Response to “Welcome Nerd Herd”

  1. Company SEO says:

    Way to go team!

    I just submitted my site at botw for the first time because I found a good coupon. What’s it like being on the BOTW editorial team? What kind of work must be done?