Tips for Last Minute Social Media Holiday and Seasonal Campaigns

Major brands start to plan their festive social media campaigns in the summer or even earlier, but if you’re a small business, that’s often not practical. Fear not – there’s plenty you can still do. Here are six simple steps to help you come up with festive social media posts which will help to showcase the best of your business and services.

Step 1 – Your Hook

Running with ‘Hey, buy your holidays gifts from us!’ is unlikely to get you much traction in this crowded marketplace. A good seasonal social media campaign hangs on a hook.

What is it about what you sell (product or service) which fits in best with the holiday season? Brainstorm all the ways in which what you sell could be useful, necessary, enjoyable, indulgent or otherwise ideal for the festive season. Think laterally and get input from others in your team too.

Your ‘hook’ will be the key way in which your product or service meshes with the festivities. This will run throughout your content, as a reminder why people should buy from you specifically at this time of the year.

Step 2 – Your Look

Think about your brand style and ethos. Most festive social media campaigns incorporate festive imagery in some way or other, but it’s up to you whether you want to go for an icy winter wonderland, cocktails on the beach, a roaring fire and family board games, an active, outdoor look or a party with friends. Each of these looks and every other look you can think of will define the type of graphics you use, and you want the look to be consistent across all of your social media content.

Step 3 – Your Channels and Your Time

The holiday season is not a great time to experiment wildly with social media channels you do not normally use. Figure out where your best following is and focus on that since you are short of time. Whether you go for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest, or a combination of these, will also depend on how much time you have left to create your campaign, and how comfortable you are with creating content.

Some channels require a lot of posting to be truly effective – for instance, experts recommend 15 tweets a day if you’re using Twitter, and 11 pins a day on Pinterest. By contrast, you can get away with just one Facebook post a day and one Instagram post a day.

Step 4 – Your Type of Content

Brainstorm all the different types of social media content you can offer or are comfortable creating, from how-tos to memes, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your work, outright call to action sales posts, items featuring you in your community, product giveaways and so on . Remember that you can create graphics, photos, video content and animations, as well as textual content.

Step 5 – Your Calendar

Armed with your hook, your look, an idea of your available time and a list of your types of content, you should now be able to put together a simple social media calendar from now until late December.

Vary your posts, so that you have a mix of content across all genres and types but remember to stick with your overall hook or theme.

Step 6 – Create Your Content

Don’t leave it until the day the content is due to be posted. That way madness lies, and your social media campaign will quickly fall to bits. Try to get ahead, creating if not all the content in advance, at least a week’s worth. You can use a scheduling tool to schedule posts in advance on some platforms, or you can do it manually if you prefer. If you are going to do it manually, work reminders into your daily working routine.

Step 7 – Get Posting

Once your campaign is live, try to keep track of the impact is has on your sales or customer engagement. If this is your first holiday social media campaign, what you learn this year will prove invaluable for you next year – and when you have more time in 2021, you can use stats from this year to take your campaign planning to the next level.

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