Things for Which We’re Thankful

Happy Turkey Day Folks
I realize everyone that sees this post isn’t in the US, and Thanksgiving is just Nov 25th in many places, but here it’s a national holiday.

Granted we tend to celebrate it by gathering the relatives we haven’t seen all year around the table and arguing with the weird uncle, eating until we’re comatose, then topping it off by snoozing on the couch in front of a football game. Nonetheless it was established on the idea of the early settlers giving thanks for the fact that they had enough food to eat and hadn’t died in the privations of their rather unceremoniously austere little colony.

Sure it’s cliche, but here are a few things for which I’m thankful
There generally is something we should be thankful for, and occasionally we let that slip in the holiday rush. For example, the BOTW editor (Tania) that I mentioned had gone off in a uniform to foreign shores is now back safe and sound, and sporting a bronze star on her chest. For her safe return I’m thankful… and her folks edit for us too, and they are no doubt thankful.

Meanwhile, much of our senior staff just got back from a working trip (that’s their story anyway) to Vegas for Pub-con, and they as well as those of us here who were not forced to endure 4 days in a city known for 24 hour shows and entertainment can be thankful for a thriving internet industry that keeps us off the streets and gainfully employed.  Work is a good thing to have, and for this we are rightfully thankful.

On that same line, we can be thankful for the guys that put together networking opportunities like that, and for the friends we make in such venues. In the age of the net, it’s nice to put faces with names we see.

[Note to Rob Schmid, this post does not in any way ameliorate the fact that you didn’t bring me back even a t-shirt, much less the showgirl I specifically requested.]

Personally I’m thankful for the techs that keep this place rolling 24/7, and for a team of editors that make us look good thru their hard work, both the ones on staff and the infamous Nerd Herd… the best team of directory editors on the net in my opinion.

Added to that, I’m thankful for the BOTW founders who had ownership of a vintage internet awards site and a vision of what it could become.

Saving the best for last…
We at BOTW are jointly thankful for the submitters. You make what we do possible.

Anyway, whether or not you are in the US and officially celebrating, I’d urge you to stop a second and thank someone that makes your life better. There’s no such thing as thanking them too often.

Hope you have a great holiday. ~ Rob Jones

13 thoughts on “Things for Which We’re Thankful”

  1. So good to see Tania’s back, safe and sound! We did miss her!

    Thankfully the staff didn’t get arrested while in Vegas, …..what stays in Vegas ;-)……, and will be able to enjoy all of our witty repartee in the Foxhole.

    Concerning Thanksgiving:
    And here is where it all started:

    Our Pilgrim forefather started at Scrooby Manor House before he left for Holland, and then on to America.

    …..just an FYI……

  2. Welcome back Tanya, it’s good to have you back with us safe and sound.

    I’d like to add that I’m thankful to be a proud member of the Nerd Herd, and extremely grateful for all the support the bosses have given through a particularly difficult time in my life. There is no better group of people on the Internet.

    BOTW is truly best in more ways than anyone knows. Thank you!

  3. Just the 25th November on this side of the pond, but a reminder to be thankful for all sorts of things in life never goes amiss.

    Best wishes to you, Tania, and to your family, on your safe return – and Happy Thanksgiving to you strange Americans…. never could work out how you can cope with two Christmases within a month 😉

  4. Welcome home Tania! Your family must be thrilled to have you back!

    Though we in Canada had our Thanksgiving a while back, I am thankful to be part of the Nerd Herd, and for the people in my life.

    Have a great holiday all!

  5. Though here in Spain we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, all my best wishes for you all!

    And for you Tania, welcome back!!

    I’d also like to tell you I’m thankful for such a good experience at Botw!

    And… I’m also thankful for… our health, our family and our lives.

    As sometimes I need to stop and think: Ok, maybe we haven’t got much money, or many things, but my family is full of love and good feelings.

    And believe me, I’m really thankful for this!

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