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Sometimes one tequila sunrise is all it takes to put a person in the creative mood to drop the neverending to-do list and want to make a blog entry. Although I haven’t had much to write about lately, there is plenty going on at Best of the Web. The challenge, of course, is talking about works-in-progress without spilling too much of the beans. There are folks all too willing to take your blogged about ideas and beat you to market with them.

Anyhoo, we don’t have a lot of fancy charts and graphs yet like the other guys, but statistically speaking, I can tell you that we just passed a cool quarter of a mil blog post entries that power the Blog Directory Post Search. Incidentally, I linked you to a page you may or may not be aware of. It’s the default tab on “Posts”, but since it’s the default, you never really click on it and hence, never see how cool it is to watch new posts get spidered. Of course we’re caching them for performance so it’s not necessarily an immediate update, but still, you can see what went in within the last couple minutes. Pretty cool to think that *right now* X amount of people are finishing off an entry in their blog. I’m sure we’re going to address this, but for now you’re on the inside track, my friend.

I’ll admit that it’s a challenge to filter out the various sorts of HTML tags that most posts contain; one problem we’re having is that if the text in a link within the post is a match to your query, and then we filter out that link, then it isn’t readily apparent what exactly in the post matched what you searched for.

It looks easy until you try to build a usable blog post search; there are many many inconsistencies regarding the different feed formats and how folks are implementing said formats. But regardless of whether or not our search capabilities need more work, I think it’s readily clear that our results are still fairly high quality over a wide range of searches. You want to find who’s talking about something specific, in as recent a history as possible; well I’m pleased to report from our stats that folks are doing just that. Aside from our index, the post search “page” is among our highest trafficked pages. And of course our sponsors benefit from being displayed when a query matches any of the terms they’ve set up when they signed up to sponsor. They get relevant traffic, and we get some cash to fund the next project, which adds value in turn. And around and around we go.

Well, my tequila sunrise has just about “set” if you will. Drinking on a thursday? Ehhh… Well, close enough to the weekend anyway. I met my BOTW Blog post quota so my boss will be happy. (Just kidding: there is no quota; But I can tell you that everyone who posts believes in the project and having a quality well-known and well-respected resource). So, until next time…

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