SCAM ALERT – Buyer Beware

To protect the good name of the many legitimate practitioners in the BOTW Affiliate Program and to protect the interests of potential submitters to our directory products, BOTW staff is offering an alert regarding a known scam in progress.


An individual is advertising unrealistic discounts on BOTW submissions at Digitalpoint in THIS THREAD and THIS THREAD. The same offer is also shown at in THIS POST. The poster at Digitalpoint goes by the name Arale, and may be employing shills to “verify” his service.

Best of the Web wishes to warn potential submitters that BOTW has no affiliation with the service shown. The BOTW referral ID of the original poster of those threads has been identified as an individual whose submits are removed from the directory as it is part of a known scam.

Anyone that responds to that offer or similar offers by that individual elsewhere with intent to obtain a listing at BOTW does so at their own risk. Again, it is NOT associated with any legitimate BOTW offer and will not result in a listing in the BOTW Directory, the BOTW Blog Directory, or any affiliated product.

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Rob Jones
Best of the Web Directory


6 Responses to “SCAM ALERT – Buyer Beware”

  1. urethritis says:

    Thank you very much,it’s helpful to me

  2. RP URBANO says:

    Thanks for this post, wow, hard to believe that scammers are now turning to web directories.

  3. says:

    Nice to see the quick response in the discussions and your post here. It’s unfortunate that the threads referenced above still remain on one of the forums almost a month later.

  4. Ted says:

    Thanks for notice. Goes with the saying, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

  5. RAC says:

    Thanks for saving me time. I was looking up digitalpoint discounts and came across this post. I will look elsewhere now. Thanks!