Purposeinc PubCon Poker Tournament

Poker TournamentWith only a handful of days until the start of PubCon Las Vegas, the BOTW crew are working feverishly to make sure that all of our “t’s” are crossed and all the “i’s” are dotted. The booth is in order, travel reservations confirmed, new shirts received, and one of my two presentations is completed.

In an effort to mix some fun in with our business, and since it is Vegas, we have agreed to sponsor a poker tournament. We had thought about putting one together, but decided the logistics involved would be too much for any of us to shoulder. So we were very happy to find out that Dr. David Klein (Purposeinc) was putting one together and only needed some sponsors to help with the financing.

The tournament takes place at 9PM Thursday, December 6 at the Venetian Hotel. It costs $50 to reserve a seat (payable when you register) and $150 at the door. As is the case with most parties we sponsor, a portion of the monies collected will be donated to charity. The charities for this event include:

  • The John Dau Sudan Foundation
    Injured San Diego Fire Fighters
    The Widow of a Fire Fighter
    Wherever the Need
  • If you’d like to see who else is playing, there’s a Facebook event here and an “official” Player’s Page.

    The tournament promises to be a lot of fun with some really great people, and a bunch of money will go to charity. If the fun isn’t enough of a reason to register, hopefully your conscience will provide the impetus. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Look for BOTW helping out at a charity event near you.

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