Picking Favorites

Most people dream of hitting Lotto and moving to a tropical island, to be waited on hand and foot. Sounds nice, I guess, but my dreams are a bit different. My goal (not dream) is to at some point be financially stable enough to not have to worry about an income and go back to school full time, indefinitely. I would love to go to Berkeley, NYU, maybe Stanford (?) and pursue degrees in as many fields of study as I could achieve until my time runs out.

Until that day, editing at BOTW is a splendid replacement. The chance to increase my knowledge throughout such a varied array of interests appeals to my intellectual side. The satisfaction I get upon building out a category calms the builder in me. The knowledge that people are using BOTW to find valuable information pleases me immensely.

If I had to pick a favorite branch to edit in, I would pick Society. There are so many sites out there to expand your mind, give you an alternative perspective, or introduce you to an entirely new idea. Society has great categories, including: Activism; Politics; Religion; Law; Issues and many more.

The nice thing is that if I should ever get “bored” of editing in Society, there are plenty of topics to arouse my interest.

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