OPPORTUNITY: BOTW Volunteer Blog Editor Program


In the past BOTW began a program for volunteers to edit in the blog directory… basically like Dmoz, Wickipedia, JoeAnt, et al… a cool way for the OCD among us to bring order to chaos and categorize a little corner of the web. This program had gone dormant of late, so we’ve learned from the experience, built ‘em a new fora, and started fresh.

Before working for BOTW, I volunteered at Dmoz for 8 1/2 years. I’m not new to the concept, nor suggesting anyone do anything I havent done. Executed correctly it’s pretty fun and very educational, and not a bad form of networking either.

This effectively puts those we approve now in a charter member spot… not dissimilar to being one of the first eds at Dmoz or Wickipedia. This is a good opportunity, especially for those that’d like to see how a top-notch directory functions. We will of course be happy to see those that contributed before as well as new applicants.

FTR – It probably doesn’t look bad on a resume either. Most of us in this industry waste a lot of time on the web, being seen giving back in a visible volunteer capacity isnt a bad thing. :)

Needless to say such volunteer programs have some fringe benefits in that they also allow those participating to include their own qualified sites. If you have sites that qualify, if you don’t add them it’s your fault, not ours. We just ask that you add other quality sites as well and treat ALL sites fairly.

Don’t join JUST to add your own of course, it is totally unnecessary. We already have a free review queue, and even the express queue isn’t expensive enough to warrant a ruse for a serious webmaster… so it’d be a waste of your time and mine.

Important Safety Tip: If someone appears to be present ONLY to add their own sites, or tries to become their own discount “paid review queue”… their login will be summarily executed, and the big UNDO button comes into play. This is an opportunity meant for “the good guys”.

One Other Potential Benefit
Prior to this we’ve mostly relied on folks we knew from other directories when filling holes in the contract editor (ie – paid editor) ranks for BOTW’s Main directory. I had a great opportunity when I got involved with BOTW, and I shared it by bringing over a sampling of the best and brightest web editors I knew.

My hope is to build this volunteer program in the BLOG Directory and grow our own… then we can as opportunities arise plug holes in the paid ed ranks with the stars we find. The ideal applicant has some experience with directory structure, a passion for blogs, and is an active forum participant. Forum participation helps immensely and is the heart of such a program. Like to get some good folks to help grow the community.

Go to the BOTW Blog Directory, click on a category of interest, then hit the “Become a BOTW editor” button. The app process is pretty simple, takes a few minutes.

Note that BOTW is an English only directory. Not a slight, we just don’t have staff versed in a lot of other languages. As such, a mastery of the English language is required (even if you can’t always tell I fit that criteria either).

When I get an opportunity, my first thought is to share it with friends. Hope to have some of you aboard.

~ Rob Jones


5 Responses to “OPPORTUNITY: BOTW Volunteer Blog Editor Program”

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  2. Matt Savage says:

    This is a great idea and it’s nice to see that there is still a quality directory out there that is willing to bring on enthusiastic new editors that can help to build a great resource.

    I actually applied to be an editor in my area expertise and noticed that the category needs a lot of cleaning up. Any idea on how long it takes to review editor applications, I haven’t heard anything back in over two weeks? I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty:)

  3. Mike says:

    I have just one question !

    Why when searching under locksmith specifically the chicago area apx 95% of the locksmith listings have bogus Locksmith locations? The addresses are PHONY !!!

    Possible answer: Has Best of the web let Possible organized crime Take over its locksmith listings?

    Search Dependable lock and David Peer arrest.

  4. Greg says:

    Call the Feds!

    Seriously, we will look into the validity of the locations. Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. Dan says:

    Hi there,

    What is the average wait time for an editor request? I fully understand this is a volunteer service and it may take time to be approved. I am curious to know how long one should wait before wondering if he application was lost etc.

    Is there a way to check your editor application status? I am interested to now if my application went through. I also realize that if I received an acceptance/rejection it is possible it was lost or somehow deleted.