A Fall For All — including BOTW submission prices!

Maybe we’re eager to kick off the Fall in affordable style. Maybe we missed the warm fuzzy feeling that fills us when we reward our customers. Or maybe the full moon has us all craving a change of pace before Halloween.

Whatever the reason, all you need to know is that Best of the Web is offering its first promotion in four months, just in time to help you embrace Fall before hunkering down for the cold season.

For the month of October, BOTW is offering a discount on all directory submissions including those for the UK and Blog directories. Simply enter SAVE20 when prompted for the promotional code and you’ll take 20% off the price of your submission whether you choose to pay for a one-time or annual review fee. These savings will only last until Halloween, so act now!

Save 20% at Best of the Web

Submit your site to today, enter Promo Code: SAVE20, and save 20% on one-time and annual review fees for:
Directory Submissions
UK & Ireland Directory Submissions
Blog Directory Submissions

The best part, you ask? You can use this code over and over again – until October 31, that is, so get started now!

8 thoughts on “A Fall For All — including BOTW submission prices!”

  1. Mississauga handyman is eager to get on board with you guys, it’s a great product and I know It would help me with my other websites. I would like to know why I need six months to get listed. I wish there was a way to be able to do this without having six months time in.

  2. 20% discount is a huge discount so I am planning to grab this opportunity by signing up the service but then my question, what is the guarantee of paying the amount? Is there a money back guarantee? Please englighten me.

  3. @Ron
    You get two choices. If you go “Non-Renewing”, sites that are accepted remain in the directory as long as they continue to fit. You pay a larger review fee, but you only pay it once.

    If you go “Annual Renewing” route, you will get a renewal notice each year until you opt out. There is no required number of years, the choice is yours.

    In either case the sites WILL be reviewed annually for compliance to make sure they still meet the criteria.

    RE: “…what is the guarantee of paying the amount? Is there a money back guarantee? ”

    Great question, and I’ll answer in two parts to make sure it is crystal clear for everyone that sees this.

    -1- There is NO guarantee of inclusion if you pay for a review.
    Zero, zip, nada. The payment is a review fee that guarantees a timely review by an editor followed by an up or down call on inclusion. It absolutely does not guarantee inclusion.

    -2- There is NO “Money back guarantee”
    We DO have to do the review whether the site fits or not, so there is no “money back guarantee”. It isn’t intended as punitive, it’s a directory integrity thing. We charge for a review, not a listing. If we refunded for those that didnt make it in, then it would no longer be a review fee.

    Bottom line, if we accepted any site that was accompanied by a Mastercard we’d have to change the name of the directory. Given that scenario, it is in the best interest of the submitter to read the criteria for acceptance carefully prior to hitting the submit button. Not trying to sound ominous, just find that being honest up front is a good practice.

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