Media Blitz

October proved to be quite the busy month for Best of the Web. Not only did we have some fun with the promotional “R&R” giveaway, but a few of BOTW’s finest stirred up some action in the media as well.

For starters, BOTW prez Greg Hartnett, participated in a straightforward “Q&A” interview given by Loren Baker of “Search Engine Journal.” Here, Greg sheds some light on the BOTW Blog Directory, becoming an editor, the importance of Blog Search and how Best of the Web is contributing to a “spam free” blog search tool.

“I think that blogging marks an important step in the dissemination of information. Never before in the history of publishing has the individual had the power to reach so many people with such little expenditure. Just twenty years ago, the idea of the Citizen Journalist was implausible – now it’s reality. With little to no cost, Joe Internet can share his ideas – whatever they may be – and open them up for discussion, with hundreds, thousands, or potentially millions of people. That’s pretty exciting stuff. I’m just grateful to be able to play a part in the development of the medium.” ~ Greg Hartnett, when asked why put so much effort into Blog Search.

If anyone is looking to contribute to the BOTW Blog Directory and it’s goal of providing spam free results, please volunteer to become an editor.

In addition to Greg’s pearls on blog search, BOTW newcomer Roger Montti guest starred on the “GoodKarma Show,” hosted by Greg Niland (aka “GoodROI”). Broadcasted on WebMasterRadio.FM, Roger and Greg discuss how to properly manage a link development campaign so that it leads to effective search engine marketing. You can listen to the show here (mp3).

For those interested in learning about Best of the Web’s success in guerrilla marketing, take a look at this in-depth interview published by “Sugarrae.” BOTW CEO, Brian Prince, candidly answers a variety of questions about the history of BOTW, how it differs from other directories, contest giveaways, designing comfortable and stylish apparel for branding, and other successful marketing initiatives. Towards the end of the interview, there are a handful of funny and random pictures of various BOTW supporters.

Thanks to everyone who digs the BOTW swag! There’s plenty more to come. Last week at ad:tech New York we handed out hundreds of shirts. This week you can expect us to have a large presence at PubCon Vegas. If your in the city of sin, please stop by the BOTW booth. You are sure to walk away with one of the best conference giveaways. 😉

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