It’s Good to be the King

Shandyking that is.

About a week ago we announced the newest addition to the BOTW executive team. We are psyched to get Adam on board, and we’re confident that he’ll help us bring BOTW to the next level.

With more than a handful of projects running simultaneously, there are a lot of business opportunities that don’t get the attention they deserve. For months now we’ve had multiple business development deals that are somewhere along the sales cycle, but to date have not yielded much fruit.

The addition of Adam to the BOTW team will enable us to maintain focus on operating and growing our core business without having to neglect the numerous business development opportunities that we pursue. Moreover, his entrepreneurial values and keen knowledge of the search industry will prove instrumental in the successful development and launch of future BOTW projects.

Adam is well recognized in the search industry as a forward thinker with great networking skills and a passion for sales. We’re certain that BOTW will be a stronger company for his joining, and we look forward to a long and prosperous working relationship.


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