Introducing the BOTW UK Directory

BOTW UK Directory
The ever-expanding BOTW is proliferating yet again—we have launched a comprehensive UK Directory that catalogs relevant British and Irish websites and your anglophile narrator is thrilled!

BOTW UK incorporates the original BOTW Directory’s extensive and comprehensive categorization methods, and the new UK Directory will offer seamless access to corresponding information in the main directory. British and Irish users can sift through categories, search for specific services, or utilize the regional pages to find relevant resources in their own backyards. For example, the localized regional categories will allow the UK audience to search on the city level. It’s the perfect tool if you’re, perhaps, searching for a bed and breakfast on the Isle of Wight.

For more information on the launch, check out our Press Release at PR Web.

As we’ve noted in the release, BOTW is concurrently launching several initiatives to help integrate interested businesses. The BOTW UK Directory Submit Service will ensure a speedy review service for membership in the burgeoning directory, while the UK Sponsorship Advertising Solutions will ensure participants’ enhanced visibility throughout the site.

So if you are a UK site owner, webmaster or marketing agency – come check out Best of the Web’s newest Directory – and tell us what you think. We look forward to your feedback and as with the original Best of the Web, we hope BOTW UK will prove to be a great informational resource for all UK users.

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