Get More than you Deserve!

Just a reminder that until the end of March, you too can get more than you deserve by using March Promo Code SAVE25. to save 25% on blog and directory submissions.

Also… don’t forget that if you sign on as a BOTW affiliate, you can earn recurring commisions while helping others save money. For banners and tiles to display on your website or blog, please visit

And of course, hope everyone remembers to sign up for IM Spring Break. Sounds like some good speakers, and besides… how can visiting Florida right now be a bad thing?


3 Responses to “Get More than you Deserve!”

  1. Lead Gen SEO says:

    Good stuff Rob… will be using that promo code :) Hey regarding IM Spring Break – we are giving away a free ticket:

  2. I took a look at your affiliate program, i think I’ll give it a try.


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