Four Forgotten Services of Tree Care Companies

Trees are both beautiful and beneficial. However, they need regular care to keep their looks and function intact. Tree care professionals offer a myriad of services that help to keep your trees and entire lawn looking impressive. Here are four of them.

#1 Winterization

Trees are alive with vibrant colors during fall, but the party’s over when winter arrives. Winter is the season when trees slow down their metabolic processes and enter a state of dormancy. During this time, trees still grow, but they do so at much slower rates. Dormant trees often need special care during winter to guard against devastating temperature fluctuations and to stave off opportunistic insects.

In preparation for winter, your local tree care professional applies mulch to young trees to reduce the shock that they’ll experience due to plummeting temperatures. They also cover trees with treatments that get rid of harmful insects and their larvae.

#2 Stump Removal / Grinding

Look closely at those picture-perfect lawns in your favorite home and garden magazine. All of them sport vivid green grass, well-manicured shrubs, and flowers. What’s missing from all of them? The answer is unsightly stumps. Stumps not only mar a sea of well-tended green grass, but they are hazardous to running children at play. With professional stump grinding services, you can mow your lawn with ease without the hassle of maneuvering around tree stumps. Here are two things to consider for stump removal projects.


Before taking on a stump removal project, your tree care professional will likely do an onsite inspection that allows him to see where your stump is in relation to buildings and other landscape features in your yard. He must find adequate workarounds to remove tree stumps that are near fences, sheds, and patios. Armed with a preview of your space, he’ll know how to safely get stump grinding machinery in and out of your yard without damaging property or surrounding landscaping.

Surface Roots

While trees need deep, well-drained soil to grow to maturity, many of them have roots that are rather shallow. Instead of diving deep into the earth in search of nutrition, the roots of many trees spread widely for several feet and can be seen on or near the soil’s surface.

Surface roots are not only unsightly, but they take up precious space in your yard. If surface roots aren’t addressed, they can sprout new trees that you may not want growing in a particular area. Besides removing tree stumps, your local tree care professional also grinds surface roots to give you space to plant a new tree, colorful plants, or grass.

#3 Storm Damage Cleanup

Powerful storms can quickly roll through town leaving home and business owners with dangling tree limbs and lawns full of broken branches. Your local tree care professionals can get your property back to normal again by trimming tree branches that become dangerous after storms and removing fallen trees that have succumbed to storm damage. Many of them also offer 24-hour, emergency tree removal services. If you think that your tree won’t withstand an upcoming storm, schedule an appointment to remove it before it causes damage to pedestrians, automobiles, or surrounding structures.

#4 Firewood and Mulch Sales

While you may feel a keen sense of loss after removing trees on your property, many tree care professionals are committed to sustainable practices that offer real value to their customers. Professionals turn removed trees into firewood that delivers cozy warmth to homeowners who have fireplaces. They also toss disease-free tree branches and limbs into wood chippers to create mulch for flower beds and gardens.


When someone mentions quality tree care services, most people picture arborists pruning and fertilizing trees. However, those activities represent only a small portion of what tree care specialists do throughout the year.