20% OFF BOTW Submissions

Just what you’ve been waiting for… 20% OFF
First BOTW promo in months… and it works in the BOTW Directory, the BOTW UK & Ireland Directory, and the BOTW Blog Directory. If you’ve been waiting for a break, here’s your chance to submit to one or all of these premium directories at a substantial discount.

This is UNLIMITED thru End of Month
You may use this for multiple site submissions, submissions to multiple directory products, or any combination of multiple and submit you want. As long as it’s still February 2011 and you’re submitting to the directories named above, this discount code works. Nice eh?

20% off BOTW Submissions in February

Procedure to Submit Site
To submit your site for consideration, go to the appropriate category in the directory to which you’re submitting and click on the link at upper right that says “Submit Site”. Follow the prompts from there. If you need a hand picking the best category, you’ll find some tips here: Selecting a Category When Submitting.

Be sure to enter the Promo Code: FEB20
This discount program IS commisionable for BOTW resellers, so resellers, we look forward to working with you on these.

Note to Serial Procrastinators:
Don’t feel bad, I never started my homework on time either. Why waste a good weekend when there’s Sunday nite? Figured it’s worth mentioning February is only 28 days long…  plan accordingly. [Yeah, having an odd month in the year is evil, but nobody asked me.]

That’s all the news that’s fit to print. You guys have a great week, and get those submissions in while they’re cheap. :)

Congrats to Wes LeFebvre – Reseller Contest Winner

Small World These Days
Always amazes me how small the world gets in the age of the internet. Yeah, I know, that dates me a bit since a lot of the guys reading this were probably born post net. Hey I’m a fossil, sue me. Anyway, when Rob Schmid told me the name of the winner of our October BOTW Reseller Contest the name rang a bell.

Winner: Wesley LeFebvre of SEOrankings.com
Wesley LeFebvre owns a media publishing company which runs network of websites focused on search engine optimization and internet marketing. Reason the name sounded familiar is I’ve noticed some quality posts from him over at the V7n Webmaster Forum, including one where he offers a free SEO Book just for signing up at his blog.

You can follow Wes at SEOrankings.com, a regularly updated search engine optimization guide for people interested in learning how to make money online through improved search engine rankings.

Anyway, made it a little more special to get to write this post for someone that wasn’t just a name on an email. Reminds me of the time Microsoft transferred me to a tech in India and it turned out he and I knew each other in several net venues. Gotta love the internet.

Congrats to Wes on winning the Ipad for his October efforts. We appreciate the BOTW Reseller crew, you make our jobs easier while you earn.

Note to BOTW Owners: IPads make great gifts for staff members too.

If you’d like to become a BOTW Reseller…
You too could be earning a 25% commission on all sales. Here are links to BOTW Reseller Information and the Best of the Web Reseller FAQ. In a nutshell, it’s a great way to be able to offer customers, friends, and even yourself a great deal on submissions to the oldest directory on the web… and set up a nice passive income in the process. [Who doesn't like that?]. Tends to add up, and you effectively lock in a super discount for yourself as well.

The BOTW Reseller program’s a win-win for all involved. Check it out, and as always, hope you’re all having a great day. ~ RobJ

A Fall For All — including BOTW submission prices!

Maybe we’re eager to kick off the Fall in affordable style. Maybe we missed the warm fuzzy feeling that fills us when we reward our customers. Or maybe the full moon has us all craving a change of pace before Halloween.

Whatever the reason, all you need to know is that Best of the Web is offering its first promotion in four months, just in time to help you embrace Fall before hunkering down for the cold season.

For the month of October, BOTW is offering a discount on all directory submissions including those for the UK and Blog directories. Simply enter SAVE20 when prompted for the promotional code and you’ll take 20% off the price of your submission whether you choose to pay for a one-time or annual review fee. These savings will only last until Halloween, so act now!

Save 20% at Best of the Web

Submit your site to today, enter Promo Code: SAVE20, and save 20% on one-time and annual review fees for:
Directory Submissions
UK & Ireland Directory Submissions
Blog Directory Submissions

The best part, you ask? You can use this code over and over again – until October 31, that is, so get started now!

Promo: Discounted Directory & Blog Submissions

May Promo: $25 off BOTW Blog or BOTW Directory Submission
Talk about a title that makes the rest of the blog post anticlimactic… just figured every once in a while we ought to post the executive summary version. Title says it all, if you use the promo code you get a $25 discount on sites submitted to the directory(s).


By the way, if you were already toying with submitting, this is a great chance to do it… as for example that drops the price on a BOTW Blog Directory submission to $50. A 33% break is pretty special. As far as the regular directory goes it isnt as large a percentage, but if a penny saved is a penny earned, Ben Franklin woulda gone nuts for this idea.

—- if you’re on a drivel free diet, snip here —-

Now that you’ve decided to save $25…
Let’s discuss what you should do with the extra $25 you *aren’t* spending. I’ll toss my top 10 suggestions, none of which involve sending it directly to me, though if you want to do that I’m game too.

Top 10 Alternative Uses for the Spare $25

  • 10- Send $25 to Public TV and demand they play Monty Python all day Sunday in return
  • 9 –  Get 25 items from the McD’s Dollar menu and invite co-workers to a black-tie dinner
  • 8 –  Tip the fire outta that cute bartender… should pay for itself in free drinks later
  • 7 –  Get the Celestial Steed and impress your World of Warcraft friends with the new mount
  • 6 –  Pay full market value for all 2500 of my wife’s Beanie Baby collection
  • 5 –  Make a downpayment on shipping 2500 Beanie Babies to someone really evil
  • 4 –  Get that thing on late night TV that’s “Only $19.99!” and
    • finally make real Juliann Fries
    • fix those nagging scratches on the car
    • get those 6-pack abs you always wanted
  • 3 – Upgrade to the Pro Account on Flickr and get unlimited storage
  • 2 – Finally take that “defensive driving online” course that’ll lower the insurance rates
  • 1-  Buy unexpected flowers in hopes of getting several of the above items later

If you have more to add, you’re welcome to put them in the comments section. Bound to be some stuff I missed. Aside from that, we hope you put the money to good use.

Best wishes ~

BOTW Offers FREE Trial + Discount!

Online Visibility – The Holy Grail
Every webmaster wants better visibility and targeted traffic. Best of the Web assists in that quest via a number of products… the Best of the Web Directory and the sister site, BOTW UK & Ireland Directory, the BOTW Blog Directory, and BOTW Local to name a few.

We also offer multiple site solutions for customers with 20 or more sites, and recently we’ve added “bundled discounts” for those that wish to use a multi-prong approach for even better results.

Moving to the Next Level: BOTW CATEGORY SPONSOR
One way to enhance visibility beyond those means is a BOTW Category Sponsorship. Category Sponsors are displayed at the top of a relevant directory category, and to drive even more targeted traffic, Sponsors now appear alongside BOTW Local search results and the recently enhanced BOTW Directory search results.

Making a Good Deal a GREAT Deal – Give it away FREE
Right now your first Category Sponsorship is FREE for 30 days and afterward bills monthly at a 30% Discount! This offer is valid only if the sponsorship is ordered during the month of March. To take advantage, use Promo Code “THIRTY30″. Thirty percent off is pretty darned good… but getting to test it out for FREE first makes it a no-risk proposition. Nice bonus.

Note to Resellers: Here’s an opportunity to have fun. How hard is it to give away FREE ads? Enjoy. :)

RECAP: Promo Code THIRTY30 gets you…

  • 30 Day Free Trial – (a $50 value)
  • Premier placement in a relevant category.
  • Featured visibility alongside the search results of the BOTW Directory and BOTW Local.
  • Control your marketing message.

Caveat – Quality and Relevance Count
In order to present users the most relevant sites available, sites in the BOTW Category Sponsorship Program must meet the same editorial guidelines for relevance and quality as listings in our directory.

Are YOU Ready for the Next Level?
If you’re ready and your site qualifies… here’s where to get started!  BOTW Category Sponsorship

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