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BOTW Year End Savings

Just a reminder for those last minute shoppers looking to place a few last ads before 2008 expires… use our “BLIZZARD” promo code for extra savings.
When prompted, enter promo code “BLIZZARD” and Save 25%

Introducing the BOTW UK Directory

The ever-expanding BOTW is proliferating yet again—we have launched a comprehensive UK Directory that catalogs relevant British and Irish websites and your anglophile narrator is thrilled! BOTW UK incorporates the original BOTW Directory’s extensive and comprehensive categorization methods, and the new UK Directory will offer seamless access to corresponding information in the main directory. British …

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Hands Across the Water (and other curses)

Looking for something on the web yields similar problems. You need to search the term that’s actually present, and it doesn’t hurt to have it spelled the same way. Unfortunately, if you’re in the UK you are sometimes hampered by evidence the colonials elsewhere can neither spell nor call things by their correct name.

BOTW Local Updates

A little more than a month later, and we have made some great strides with our Local Search offering. What a wild month it’s been. We built out and opened up a couple of dozen additional cities, and now have more than 30 cities active. You can find a partial list of the activated cities …

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State of the Nerd Herd: BOTW Advances Forward

In mid November I had the opportunity to talk to Greg Hartnett, President of Best of the Web… having stumbled across an advertisement for an editing position only marginally related to my eventual role. He was hunting a “senior editor”. After some discussion he had me assembling a directory editor “dream team“… virtually all of whom exceed my own editing skills. It is a privilege to work among them. The original Herd members just passed the 6 month mark at BOTW.

Customer Plus-Delta

Knowing what your users think about your product or service can prove to be a crucial role in the success of your offering. Is it solving their needs? Easy to use? The only way to know is to ask. The goal of the BOTW Directory is pretty straightforward. Build a comprehensive directory of quality, relevant …

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