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Social Media: The final next frontier. Perhaps you are already so accustomed to seeing sharing and liking options online that they have long since faded into the background of your favorite websites. When you step outside of simply clicking a button on a page, however, you’ll find that sharing and connecting with your favorite businesses through social media has many benefits. If your Facebook news feed has morphed into a chaotic influx of fan page advertisements and status updates, fear not. We have no intention of spamming you. Instead, we’d like to provide you with a few reasons why the BOTW page should be one of your top Facebook Likes, and why it’s worth sharing.

Share on Social Networks

Share Your Listing
You now have the ability to “like” any given category in the Web Directory. For instance, the Bob Dylan category is liked by a handful of users. What does this mean for your listing or sponsorship? Aside from being able to express appreciation for your niche, liking a category will automatically post a link to it on your Facebook Wall. Therefore by clicking the Like button at the top of the category where your listing or sponsorship is located, it is instantly shared with your entire Facebook network.

You can also mark your approval of a category through Google’s +1 button. This will store the category, in a sense bookmarking it, in your Google account and share it as a recommendation when your contacts search related items through the mainstream search engine. The combination of having reliable directory listings with social media sharing capabilities creates the opportunity to potentially reach thousands of viewers.

Promo, please!
We get countless emails every day asking where to find announcements about upcoming or currently active promotions. Aside from right here, the answer is Facebook. By liking our Facebook page, it will not only appear in your news feed the moment a new promotion is announced, but you’ll also be made privy to opportunities to win coupons and other prizes every week.

BOTW on Facebook

Once you like BOTW on Facebook, stay tuned for updates and the opportunity to participate in the Trivia Challenges. You can win a Trivia Challenge, and the monetary prize that comes with it, by being the first BOTW fan to post the correct answer to the day’s challenge. Prizes range from coupons on BOTW directory submissions, Amazon gift cards, and prizes from other select partners. Any fan can win a coupon one time per week, and is eligible to win a gift card once every month.

Vacation with BOTW & Win
If you’re a true fan of Best of the Web, you probably have a t-shirt or a mug from one of the many conferences and gatherings over the years. Now that gear can win you money through the “Guess Where BOTW’s Been” contest. Simply take a photo with your BOTW gear set in an *exotic location and email it to Anyone who participates by sending a picture will automatically win a $25 Amazon gift card. If your photo is later posted on the page under the “Guess Where BOTW’s Been” contest, you’ll win an additional $100 Amazon gift card.

These are just a few ways to get the most out of the social media being implemented through the Web Directory. So, go ahead, click “Like” on our sidebar widget. Whether you’re looking for additional attention for your newly added listing or sponsorship, or are looking for an available coupon to help cut the cost of your next submission, getting involved through Facebook can only help your cause.

*Exotic locations do not have to be tropical; however, locations must be identifiable through a landmark or other prominent feature. Those who submit via email must include their full name, contact information, and the name of the location pictured. Emailed photo submissions will be accepted through August 2011.

Launch of BOTW Education Directory

In April we launched the BOTW Online Degree Directory. Our new product offers one-stop shopping for those trying to find where they can pursue a specific degree program, whether it be undergraduate studies, Masters or Doctorate programs, or other related educational certifications.

The directory also offers career information on a wide range of degree programs for those that are not yet on an educational  career path and need a spot to compare opportunities offered in various fields.

Our initial launch includes online learning opportunities. The next phase will be cataloging the multitude of brick and mortar learning institutions with or without an online program… for those seeking the full university experience including the trip to the dean to explain the llama in a raincoat on the 3rd floor of the Science building.

The directory includes links to authoritative resources for additional information on each career field, such as Bureau of Labor and Statistic projections that detail projections for income and employment opportunities in each, plus a blog offering in depth examination of a variety of career fields and related issues.

Whether you’re entering the post high school world and need information on potential careers, thinking of a career change, or just want to beef up your skills and credentials in today’s ultra competitive job market, the Best of the Web Education Directory has information that will help you accomplish the goal.

Blog Commenting: Do’s and Don’ts

Blog commenting is a typical part of link building campaigns intended to raise the visibility of a site, but of course as with anything that helps, there are guys that over-do it to the extreme. When that happens, the big SEs make adjustments that decrease the effectiveness in a way that affects more than just the bozos that employ it wrong. Such is life.

You can go to any webmaster forum and find someone willing to take a small fee for a link building campaign, and in most cases they’ll describe it as “manual link building” and assure you they’ll be adding “quality” comments. Then they’ll quote you a fee of $50 to comment on a billion or so blogs.

I have to believe somebody is paying for their services, if only based on the amount of spam comments I see summarily canned by Askimet and similar spam guardians on blogs I work. I also have to believe that given women are just as involved on the web as men these days… roughly half of the people employing such services are female.

Here’s my question:

Where the heck were all these gullible girls when I was single?

Anyone that pays someone to spam the heck out of blogs is just dreaming. Sure, there are blogs that are unattended or built solely for the purpose of accepting such nonsense comments, but generic machine driven comments on any blog worth a backlink will be deleted manually if not tossed automatically. The few places they stick will be populated with a hundred similar comments… all guaranteed to fool people that’ve been on the net less than 5 minutes only.

Thank you for this marvelous post dear! I was searching for this most worthy information. Please post more about this topic. I have bookmarked this site and will come back often!

Yeah… obviously the work of someone that felt a burning need to commend the writer. For the record, its always a treat to hear from you, mister Please stop in again (you dork).

I don’t think blog commenting is a waste. Anyone that actually takes the time to write a blog instead of relying on similarly worthless “auto-blog” software is always thrilled when somebody takes the time to read their work and make a comment that shows a sentient being engaged their brain and posted a reply.

Of course I figure when I finish this one… if nobody replies I can assuage my loneliness by going to the spam filter to see the comments no other human will ever see. No doubt I’ll have at least one that says…

“Thanks for your share!!! I am adding your RSS feed!!!”


Argh. Lord, please take me now. ~ Rob :)

PS: If you’re looking for blogs on the topic of your choice that are NOT auto-written… see the BOTW Blog Directory.

Directories: Who Uses ‘em

We were having one of those conversations the other day. You know, the ones you have when various people in related parts of an industry are still online at weird hours cause they don’t have the good sense of an air traffic controller and just go to sleep when they’re tired.

One of the new guys chimed in with a comment that, considering we were in the Directories section of a webmaster forum was possibly meant as a dig, but at least it explained why he was doing marketing instead of motivational speaking.

“Seriously… Does anyone ever USE a directory anymore?”

For starters I do, but I’m in the directory field, so I’m not exactly the average user. Can’t speak for everyone, but I find for some purposes they’re easier than search engines. More targeted, less unrelated stuff to wade through. Just a matter of picking the best tool for the job.

For example, when I was trying to figure out where the nearest pizza delivery joint was the other night I *could* have just used a search engine, but instead I hopped on BOTW Local and typed in the name of the town and “pizza” and got a list in order of proximity.

Couldn’t I have just done so in a search engine? Absolutely. Of course I’d get a certain number of returns that involved people in that town with blogs that had the word “pizza” in it or something, but I’d have gotten there.

The thing is, the “there” I’d have gotten to was the search engine returning results of local directories for the most part. Whether he uses directories or not, the search engines definitely do.

Kinda like saying “No, I don’t use any dairy products, I get my milk at the grocery store”.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. :) – Rob

BOTW to Acquire DMOZ

Finally Happening…
Best of the Web is happy to announce they’ve reached an agreement in principle to purchase the DMOZ Directory (Aka – ODP) for an undisclosed sum.

Though a nondisclosure clause prohibits the parties from disclosing details prior to finalization, discussion of some facets of future plans for the venerable directory product are still an open topic.

The New Dmoz to take on Google?
There will be massive changes on the user side, including a highly functional state of the art search interface that offers an option to search the Dmoz database only or to combine results with a metasearch of major search engines. It is hoped this will evolve into dmoz going head to head as a competitor in the search engine field.

New Dmoz Logo Contest
In celebration of the move to compete as a major search apparatus as well as a directory, there will be a makeover of the external appearance, with a green and blue color scheme and a new logo. The logo will be selected in a contest (open to he public) after closing of the transaction. Those that want to get a headstart need to be working with ideas that incorporate a monkey, a tree, and the letters Dmoz.

Things We Cannot Yet Discuss
Though plans for managing and monetizing the new acquisition are already settled, these are subject to the aforementioned nondisclosure clause and cannot be announced until after the sale is complete.

It is known that the sale only includes the assets including the name, the database, and the interface… but does not involve the existing volunteers that work the database. Unconfirmed rumors indicate they may be sold to Yahoo, though the legality of selling humans in a post 14th amendment world may limit that transaction to those outside the continental US.

Stay tuned to this space or Twitter…
We’ll use this blog and Twitter to provide additional news as it develops. Please be sure to take into account the date of this announcement when discussing it with anyone (as in Happy “April Fools Day”) , and for those of you that just read headlines and skim… fellas, you’re on your own.

Hope you guys have a great weekend. ~ Rob

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