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emarketing logoIn case you were not able to catch it live, Greg gave an interview at eMarketing Talk Show Friday evening (what is it with Greg and the Friday interviews?). Pretty interesting, if you like geeky internet stuff :)

Some of the topics discussed:

  • The Continuing Evolution of Internet Marketing
  • Best of the Web Directory as a resource for search and websites alike.
  • Future of BOTW, BOTW Blog Directory and BOTW Media
  • As I listen to it now, I hear Greg speaking more comfortably than those first interviews. Keep going – spread the word. To listed to the interview, see the eMarketing Talk Show archive here – Internet Marketing yesterday and today with BOTW President, Greg Hartnett.

    Blog Directory Buzz

    There is a definite buzz in the air about the BOTW Blog Directory. From our initial launch at PubCon 10 where it received rave reviews, there have been numerous nods, posts, and articles with primarily positive feedback. We have gotten a few suggestions as well – some of the issues raised to date:

  • The six month rule – we have had more than a handful of people lament over this requirement, but we stand by our guns
  • English only – we will be addressing this in the near future
  • The most recent article, published today by Bill Hartzer at is a great read. Kudos to Bill, and some pretty good quotes from Greg. Read the article – Best of the Web Launches Blog Directory.

    Other notable mentions this week:

  • Link Building Blog : BOTW Blog Directory
  • SEOmoz : BOTW Blog Directory
  • BlogSEO : BOTW Directory – Could it be DMOZ for Blogs
  • Stay tuned for more news…

    BOTW Town Hall Meeting - Town Hall
    Last week, Webmasterradio was kind enough to lend us the talents of Ms. Write, to help us host a Town Hall meeting. It was a chance to make ourselves accessible to the webmaster community, as well as tell Sarah and the Webmasterradio listeners about all the great stuff we have going on.

    This marked the third interview we have conducted at Webmasterradio – I think they have all gone well, and I am glad that we have had the opportunity to reach out to the webmaster community. I look forward to additional media opportunities in the future.

    Check out the BOTW Town Hall meeting. (Adjust your speakers, the intro is loud)

    BOTW in the News

    Tune into WebmasterRadio.FM tonight at 7PM eastern to listen to Part 2 of the Rainmaker interview with BOTW President, Greg Hartnett.

    You can listen to Part 1 of the interview at the WebMasterRadio episode archives.

    Tonight, SEGuru, Brandy, and Greg will discuss BOTW history, technology, products and services, and what the future holds for BOTW.

    BOTW in the News

    While walking the floor at SES San Jose, I bumped into Chris Pirillo. Chris covers a bunch of tech topics, and provides some pretty cool interiews. Additionally, Chris runs Lockergnome – a very cool tech resource.

    Chris took an interest in BOTW, and we decided to chat for a bit. As it was a spontaneous interview, it is fun to listen to it now, to hear how I responded to some of his questions. A couple of them stumped me a bit (my all-time favorite site?)

    Anyway, Chris was a good sport, and I definitely appreciated the chance to talk (though I take no responsibility if the Web sucks). Cheak out the interview at the Chris Pirillo Show

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