It’s Official: Facebook Causes Divorce

You Just Can’t Make Up Stuff this Fun

An article published today in The Tech Journal had this solemn headline…
“Facebook is the new cause of divorce”

The story leads off as follows:

The number of divorces occurring because of Facebook and other social networking sites has been on the rise since these sites have become increasingly popular, research claims. ~ Published in The Tech Journal – 5/13/2011

They may have a point
After all, I keep seeing a box on the other side of my FB page that shows a very attractive girl (about the age of my own kid) with a skimpy outfit and a caption that says “Guess who’s looking for you!”.

I suppose it *could* be true, but most likely it’d either mean  (*a) daddy issues are really getting outta hand at colleges or (*b) collection agencies have started using people we might really let find us.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Seriously folks. Did the number of deaths by plane crash climb when people started using air travel? Did football injuries mysteriously rise when schools added the game to their athletic program? Heck, I’ll bet gunshot accidents rose significantly after the invention of firearms.

If they look REALLY close they’ll also find an increase in the number of people that got married as a result of Facebook since people started using it, not to mention a shocking (!) increase in the number of people who got unfriended on Facebook, and yes… a dramatic jump in meaningless statistics about people who do things as a result of using Facebook. Somebody needs to check into these things too, there’s a good chance we’re onto something.

On the bright side, the number killed in buggies powered by horses continues to decline in a figure inversely related to automobile sales.

There had to be government grant money involved in this powerful research project. Surely nobody came up with such an amazing statistical correlation without a considerable endowment with which to ponder such deep thoughts.

Obligatory Mention of Daily Trivia Challenge on Facebook
As you might guess, the only correlation that is totally escaping me is how to tie this all to internet directories, but it was just too classic to pass up. Guess I could say I put it here to plug the daily contests we’re doing on BOTW’s Facebook page. Yeah, that’s it. Go win some easy money on our Trivia Challenge… you may need it to pay the lawyer later.

Gotta love the internet. You guys have a great weekend, and for those that are married, behave yourselves on Facebook or I’m telling. :)

Launch of BOTW Education Directory

In April we launched the BOTW Online Degree Directory. Our new product offers one-stop shopping for those trying to find where they can pursue a specific degree program, whether it be undergraduate studies, Masters or Doctorate programs, or other related educational certifications.

The directory also offers career information on a wide range of degree programs for those that are not yet on an educational  career path and need a spot to compare opportunities offered in various fields.

Our initial launch includes online learning opportunities. The next phase will be cataloging the multitude of brick and mortar learning institutions with or without an online program… for those seeking the full university experience including the trip to the dean to explain the llama in a raincoat on the 3rd floor of the Science building.

The directory includes links to authoritative resources for additional information on each career field, such as Bureau of Labor and Statistic projections that detail projections for income and employment opportunities in each, plus a blog offering in depth examination of a variety of career fields and related issues.

Whether you’re entering the post high school world and need information on potential careers, thinking of a career change, or just want to beef up your skills and credentials in today’s ultra competitive job market, the Best of the Web Education Directory has information that will help you accomplish the goal.

Welcome Nerd Herd

We announced via press release yesterday that we have some new additions to the BOTW editorial team. In an effort to provide users with a better resource, we decided that we could use the help of some editors with experience in building quality directories. Enter the Nerd Herd.

We ran an ad a handful of months ago seeking a qualified editor. After finding our man, we formulated a plan to put together an editorial Dream Team. While there is still room for additional talent, the current Nerd Herd is in a league of their own. The few dozen editors that currently comprise the crew include pioneers in the web directory industry, with years of experience editing at directories such as Zeal and DMOZ.

Consistent with our mission, the crew will focus on beefing up both the web directory and blog directory with additional high quality resources. Additionally, their experience uniquely enables them to help shape the taxonomy of the directories in a manner that is intuitive and helpful to users. They will contribute on future projects, and their insight will enhance our efficiencies.

They’re a pretty impressive group of people to work with, and we’re glad to have ‘em on board. We look forward to an exciting future!

Interested parties should contact robjones[at]botw[dot]org to learn about joining the team.

Charity Bash Recap

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting a party for some of the brightest minds in social marketing. The charity party was coordinated by the fine folks at IMNY (thanks for all your help Greg) with the help of Danny Sullivan and the crew at SMX.

Though not all of us were able to attend, word has it that the party was a great success. Good times, lots of networking, some great pics (more pics), and all for a worthy cause. Through the combined efforts of all involved, we were able to raise over $5,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

This was our second charity fundraiser, and we plan on additional events going forward. Stay tuned.

Thanks again to everybody that participated. Keep on fighting the good fight.

Media Blitz

October proved to be quite the busy month for Best of the Web. Not only did we have some fun with the promotional “R&R” giveaway, but a few of BOTW’s finest stirred up some action in the media as well.

For starters, BOTW prez Greg Hartnett, participated in a straightforward “Q&A” interview given by Loren Baker of “Search Engine Journal.” Here, Greg sheds some light on the BOTW Blog Directory, becoming an editor, the importance of Blog Search and how Best of the Web is contributing to a “spam free” blog search tool.

“I think that blogging marks an important step in the dissemination of information. Never before in the history of publishing has the individual had the power to reach so many people with such little expenditure. Just twenty years ago, the idea of the Citizen Journalist was implausible – now it’s reality. With little to no cost, Joe Internet can share his ideas – whatever they may be – and open them up for discussion, with hundreds, thousands, or potentially millions of people. That’s pretty exciting stuff. I’m just grateful to be able to play a part in the development of the medium.” ~ Greg Hartnett, when asked why put so much effort into Blog Search.

If anyone is looking to contribute to the BOTW Blog Directory and it’s goal of providing spam free results, please volunteer to become an editor.

In addition to Greg’s pearls on blog search, BOTW newcomer Roger Montti guest starred on the “GoodKarma Show,” hosted by Greg Niland (aka “GoodROI”). Broadcasted on WebMasterRadio.FM, Roger and Greg discuss how to properly manage a link development campaign so that it leads to effective search engine marketing. You can listen to the show here (mp3).

For those interested in learning about Best of the Web’s success in guerrilla marketing, take a look at this in-depth interview published by “Sugarrae.” BOTW CEO, Brian Prince, candidly answers a variety of questions about the history of BOTW, how it differs from other directories, contest giveaways, designing comfortable and stylish apparel for branding, and other successful marketing initiatives. Towards the end of the interview, there are a handful of funny and random pictures of various BOTW supporters.

Thanks to everyone who digs the BOTW swag! There’s plenty more to come. Last week at ad:tech New York we handed out hundreds of shirts. This week you can expect us to have a large presence at PubCon Vegas. If your in the city of sin, please stop by the BOTW booth. You are sure to walk away with one of the best conference giveaways. ;-)

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