Things for Which We’re Thankful

Happy Turkey Day Folks
I realize everyone that sees this post isn’t in the US, and Thanksgiving is just Nov 25th in many places, but here it’s a national holiday.

Granted we tend to celebrate it by gathering the relatives we haven’t seen all year around the table and arguing with the weird uncle, eating until we’re comatose, then topping it off by snoozing on the couch in front of a football game. Nonetheless it was established on the idea of the early settlers giving thanks for the fact that they had enough food to eat and hadn’t died in the privations of their rather unceremoniously austere little colony.

Sure it’s cliche, but here are a few things for which I’m thankful
There generally is something we should be thankful for, and occasionally we let that slip in the holiday rush. For example, the BOTW editor (Tania) that I mentioned had gone off in a uniform to foreign shores is now back safe and sound, and sporting a bronze star on her chest. For her safe return I’m thankful… and her folks edit for us too, and they are no doubt thankful.

Meanwhile, much of our senior staff just got back from a working trip (that’s their story anyway) to Vegas for Pub-con, and they as well as those of us here who were not forced to endure 4 days in a city known for 24 hour shows and entertainment can be thankful for a thriving internet industry that keeps us off the streets and gainfully employed.  Work is a good thing to have, and for this we are rightfully thankful.

On that same line, we can be thankful for the guys that put together networking opportunities like that, and for the friends we make in such venues. In the age of the net, it’s nice to put faces with names we see.

[Note to Rob Schmid, this post does not in any way ameliorate the fact that you didn't bring me back even a t-shirt, much less the showgirl I specifically requested.]

Personally I’m thankful for the techs that keep this place rolling 24/7, and for a team of editors that make us look good thru their hard work, both the ones on staff and the infamous Nerd Herd… the best team of directory editors on the net in my opinion.

Added to that, I’m thankful for the BOTW founders who had ownership of a vintage internet awards site and a vision of what it could become.

Saving the best for last…
We at BOTW are jointly thankful for the submitters. You make what we do possible.

Anyway, whether or not you are in the US and officially celebrating, I’d urge you to stop a second and thank someone that makes your life better. There’s no such thing as thanking them too often.

Hope you have a great holiday. ~ Rob Jones

SES San Francisco Charity Party

Since 2007 the Internet Marketer’s Charity Party has been fund-raising for various non-profit organizations including Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong, The Ronald McDonald House, Doctors Without Borders, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and The Denver Children’s Hospital. These events help spread awareness for their causes and are always one of the biggest Internet Marketing networking events of the year.

How does it work? Mainly through the sponsors. BOTW, Bing, and WeBuildPages will cover the costs of the party so 100% of the money collected will go directly to the cause. Attendees will have a chance to exchange ideas with fellow marketers or mingle with their favorite bloggers and Internet personas in a relaxed, enjoyable setting.

Previous parties have been nothing but successes, and this year it’s not too late to become a part of the fun. This August 18 from 8-11 p.m. come join the fun-fueled generosity with BOTW at ROE-SF. Each ticket is $50 and entitles you to unlimited drinks from 8-11. You can also buy raffle tickets for $1 each and enter to win an iPad or other donated prizes.

The Details:
Where: ROE Nightclub San FranciscoMap
What: Conference networking + open bar
When: Wednesday, August 18th, 8-11 p.m.
Who: Anyone who wants to have fun & support charity
Why: To help provide clean water to those in need

Buy tickets here!

BOTW Goes USO (OK, sorta)

Supporting the Troops
Well, we had an editor deployed to Iraq last year(the lengths some people will go to just to get outta editing… sheesh!) and we wanted to do something nice about Christmas time. After all, she’s thousands of miles from those she loves and stuck in a sea of olive drab even on a good day, so there’s gotta be something we could do.

There’s always the choice of doing the Bob Hope thing for the troops, but let’s face it, the USO wouldn’t actually have us. Granted a couple of us may sing a bit, but in my case at least if I ask for requests the most common one calls for a song I don’t know that’s apparently named “Wouldja Please Siddown and Shuddup”.

[I've checked, isn't in the karaoke catalog, maybe I'm spelling it wrong.]

Barring developing better pitch and a knack for tap dance we hit on a plan to go with our strengths. BOTW is known for two things… a great directory and some Kick-A T-shirts. [You can order those however you want.] As the editor still has ties back to the directory, staff got a list of the folks in her unit and put together their own version of the familiar BOTW long-sleeve T for the whole crew.

This one’s sure to become a classic. Pics are below. Feel free to gawk in muted wonder at the glory.

On the downside, the unit got scattered all over the theater before a group shot became a possibility (who knew the military would put their operations ahead of a good photo op?), but through the magic of the internet we finally got our hands on a picture of our own intrepid warrior to provide proof that they got there. I understand some of the editors shipped cookies too, but I’d have doubts about what percentage of those made it all the way.

Name of the unit and the editor with-held just in case this might be interpreted as an advertisement by a serving member of the military, but regardless… hey youngster… you know who you are, as do we, and we just wanted to let you know we miss you and appreciate you.

Regards from us to ALL those who stand guard while we sleep.

We look forward to your safe return.

Pubcon Charity Poker Event

Toys for TotsPutting Our Cards on the Table
Best of the Web is happy to announce they’ll be sponsoring a Charity Poker event in Las Vegas next week for the PubCon Search Conference.

This is the third year in a row for us (hey, if it works, why not?), and this year our beneficiary will be the Toys for Tots program initiated by the US Marine Corps Reserve.

Toys for Tots Program –
The Toys for Tots program has been an ongoing event since it’s conception in 1947. The objective is to…

…help less fortunate children throughout the United States experience the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the development of one of our nation’s most valuable resources – our children; to unite all members of local communities in a common cause for three months each year during the annual toy collection and distribution campaign; and to contribute to better communities in the future.

Though many toys are collected through local drives and public participation, the need often outpaces supply, and then some just find it easier to donate cash so the funds can be targeted where needed most. Our children are the future, and helping them have a great Christmas in what may have been an otherwise rough year seems a worthy goal.

For some examples of some lives impacted by the Toys for Tots program, see actual accounts posted on their site. These show that even a small positive influence can leave a lasting impression on a child, and motivate her or him to pursue a path to a productive adulthood.


The Players:
Return of the Botw Boys

In addition to sponsoring the tourney, BOTW will have 4 team members playing in the tournament… Greg Hartnett, Brian Prince, “the Good Rob” (aka Rob Schmidt*), & Adam Sussman. * Last we heard Schmidt was still claiming his previous high placement was “luck”. Those are the guys to watch, the ones that say they’re good seldom are.

If YOU are interested in playing…

…Or just being a guest, see the Purpose Inc Texas Holdem Poker Tournament at Pubcon page to register.

If the lure of the cards isn’t enough, remember that players and guests also get free drinks… Nov. 12th from 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Mirage hotel.

Go sign up… you can help a worthy cause. :-)

What Happens at SMX STAYS at SMX?

The charity party BOTW hosted at SMX East was reportedly a rousing success. Aside from those present having a great time, the party raised a considerable sum for a worthy cause.

Earnings for the Charity
The party raised over $11 thousand dollars to fight Multiple Myeloma and Blood Cancer. There were also some great raffle prizes awarded as follows:

All winning ticket holders contact Greg Niland to claim your prize.
SMX West All Access Pass (or SMX East 2010) – Justin Seybert
SMX Advanced All Access Pass – Damon Clifford
Search Engine Land Premium Memberships – #446158, #446251, #446391, Christine Gaynor, Monica Barber – Contact Greg Niland for prize
2 SES New York Conference Pass – Christine Gaynor & Steve Caraballo
SEOmoz Advanced SEO Training DVD – Damon Clifford
SEOmoz 1 year PRO membership – Shiva Sharif

Our thanks to all that attended and made this charity party a success… and to the rest of you, hope you can make it to the next one.

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