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Charity Party During SMX East

SMX East is on the way, and the BOTW crew wants you to enjoy the trip. Come join ’em and the rest of your friends at Town Tavern NYC (134 3rd St… Corner of Ave of Americas) on Monday Oct. 5th from 8-11pm. Come do a little conference networking and have a good time with friends.

SES San Jose Charity Party

BOTW is helping sponsor the upcoming Internet Marketers Charity Party to take place in San Jose August 12th… and as always at these things, it just won’t be a party without you there.

OPPORTUNITY: BOTW Volunteer Blog Editor Program

Go to the BOTW Blog Directory, click on a category of interest, then hit the “Become a BOTW editor” button, the app is simple. It goes to several staffers, but I’m the one that generally handles the queue, so I’d say you have a fair chance of approval provided the app is filled out correctly. The app process is pretty simple, takes a few minutes.

BOTW Reflects on 2008

As we celebrate the close of ’08 and anticipate the coming of ’09, your friendly BOTW crew would like to reflect on the events and transitions that filled our busy year. Personnel changes, the launching of new initiatives, and general growth were the company’s 2008 milestones, and it’s safe to say that the year was …

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Night Before Christmas (Webmaster Version)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, I’d gone to bed early
My click-thrus were down and I felt kinda surly.
I’d chugged a few shots of Jack straight from the bottle
Sufficiently numb, off to bed I did toddle.

I lay there awake, cause no matter how toasted
I couldn’t stop thinking of sites that I hosted
My Adsense was down and the worst of my fears
Told me something must give or I’d soon work at Sears.

Charity Chosen

After a couple of weeks of voting for this year’s charity recipient for the SES NY Charity Party, the search community has spoken. The race was tight, with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society squeaking out the win by a mere 2% of the votes. Charity advocate Marty Weintraub rallied his troops, and the last handful …

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SES NY Charity Party

About a year ago, Greg Niland approached us about sponsoring an industry party where all the proceeds would be donated to charity. Since the proposition appealed to both our desire to drink alcohol with industry friends and our philanthropic streak, it wasn’t a very hard sale. Due to the giving nature of the search community …

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