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BOTW Blog DirectoryAs announced at PubCon, on November 15 Best of the Web launched the BOTW Blog Directory. We view this as an opportunity to use our knowledge and experience in the directory space in a nascent industry. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our technological maturation should enable us to provide the user with a blog search like none other.

Currently, when a user wants to find information in the blogosphere, his/her choices are fairly limited. The current players in the space (Technorati, Google, Bloglines) all provide fairly comprehensive search results. However, as has been the case in the search industry for years, quality of meta search has suffered due to the relentless creation of spam. In their efforts for the greatest number of results, the spiders grab all they can find, and then decide to filter their results. Kind of putting the cart before the horse, no? When permissible, the logical choice would be to run the filters first, then search the results. What better filter than an editor that is concerned about the quality of the results, and focused on the best user experience possible?

BOTW Blog Directory editors add quality blogs – blogs that have six months or more of consistent posting, are relevant to the category, and DO NOT contain spam. The ultrasuperhypercool tag-based search feature is still underway. IT promises to have it tweaked to specs imminently. In the meantime, we will continue adding quality blogs, so that when the search is launched, the results will be as relevant as possible.

For webmasters and bloggers, submissions are currently Free of charge. Of course, for advertisers who need additional visibility, we offer the 60 Day Free advertising trial.

New Blog Interface

We have decided to switch from a MovableType interface over to a WordPress platform. WordPress has proven to be a superior product, and we are proud to use WordPress as our blogging platform.

We are in the process of putting together some development for blog, but for the immediate future, we will be sticking with the Kubrick template. In the meantime, make sure to check back frequently. The next few weeks promise to be pretty exciting on the BOTW front.

BOTW Blog Sails

Welcome. If you are reading this then you are either a webmaster, internet marketer, search engineer, or general internet geek. This blog was created with you in mind.

At BOTW, we receive a lot of questions about features, bugs, usability, and life behind the curtain. We have decided to create this blog as an open dialogue between us and the general public. Check back often, or subscribe to a feed, to keep up to date with what’s happening with our services, our team, and our industry.

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