Inaugural Post

The Director of Technology at Best of the Web is a daunting post to hold. Yes, you do get to play around with “the latest and greatest”, but that “latest and greatest” just happens to be something that thousands, hundreds of thousands — Nay, millions — of folks like yourself happen to be checking out, …

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Working the Queue

As I sit and watch the Jets/Patriots game (yawn), I will spend the next couple of hours pouring through the Blog Directory submission queue. As there has been a growing buzz regarding the new offering, and given that submissions are currently free of charge, there have been a steady flow of blogs being submitted all …

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Blog Directory Buzz

There is a definite buzz in the air about the BOTW Blog Directory. From our initial launch at PubCon 10 where it received rave reviews, there have been numerous nods, posts, and articles with primarily positive feedback. We have gotten a few suggestions as well – some of the issues raised to date: The six …

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BOTW Media

I have been pretty fascinated with the concept of blogging since it was first suggested to me. We had seen an increase in the percentage of submissions in blog format beginning mid-2004. We got involved in the space, when a few of our staff members got personal blogs, and we launched our first collaborative blog …

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BOTW Blog Directory

As announced at PubCon, on November 15 Best of the Web launched the BOTW Blog Directory. We view this as an opportunity to use our knowledge and experience in the directory space in a nascent industry. Our commitment to quality, coupled with our technological maturation should enable us to provide the user with a blog …

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New Blog Interface

We have decided to switch from a MovableType interface over to a WordPress platform. WordPress has proven to be a superior product, and we are proud to use WordPress as our blogging platform. We are in the process of putting together some development for blog, but for the immediate future, we will be sticking with …

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BOTW Blog Sails

Welcome. If you are reading this then you are either a webmaster, internet marketer, search engineer, or general internet geek. This blog was created with you in mind.