BOTW Economic Stimulus Package

Mr BOTW Goes to Washington
In keeping with the trend, the good folks at Best of the Web have decided it must be time for an economic stimulus package of our own.

The original plan was to publish Brian Prince’s ATM PIN and card number… but that’s still under discussion, as someone pointed out:
-1- This might not be entirely legal.
-2- Everyone involved would be fired.

Meanwhile, until we get that ironed out, we’re offering a nice discount on submissions to Best of the Web.

March Promo Code
Save 25% on all Web and Blog Directory Submissions during the month of March! Promo Code: SAVE25

Thank you for flying Best of the Web. ~ RobJ


2 Responses to “BOTW Economic Stimulus Package”

  1. Web Design says:

    I tried the code SAVE25 to upgrade my free account but it says the code is invalid. Does the code not work for upgrades?