Blog Directory Buzz

There is a definite buzz in the air about the BOTW Blog Directory. From our initial launch at PubCon 10 where it received rave reviews, there have been numerous nods, posts, and articles with primarily positive feedback. We have gotten a few suggestions as well – some of the issues raised to date:

  • The six month rule – we have had more than a handful of people lament over this requirement, but we stand by our guns
  • English only – we will be addressing this in the near future
  • The most recent article, published today by Bill Hartzer at is a great read. Kudos to Bill, and some pretty good quotes from Greg. Read the article – Best of the Web Launches Blog Directory.

    Other notable mentions this week:

  • Link Building Blog : BOTW Blog Directory
  • SEOmoz : BOTW Blog Directory
  • BlogSEO : BOTW Directory – Could it be DMOZ for Blogs
  • Stay tuned for more news…

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