Blog Commenting: Do’s and Don’ts

Blog commenting is a typical part of link building campaigns intended to raise the visibility of a site, but of course as with anything that helps, there are guys that over-do it to the extreme. When that happens, the big SEs make adjustments that decrease the effectiveness in a way that affects more than just the bozos that employ it wrong. Such is life.

You can go to any webmaster forum and find someone willing to take a small fee for a link building campaign, and in most cases they’ll describe it as “manual link building” and assure you they’ll be adding “quality” comments. Then they’ll quote you a fee of $50 to comment on a billion or so blogs.

I have to believe somebody is paying for their services, if only based on the amount of spam comments I see summarily canned by Askimet and similar spam guardians on blogs I work. I also have to believe that given women are just as involved on the web as men these days… roughly half of the people employing such services are female.

Here’s my question:

Where the heck were all these gullible girls when I was single?

Anyone that pays someone to spam the heck out of blogs is just dreaming. Sure, there are blogs that are unattended or built solely for the purpose of accepting such nonsense comments, but generic machine driven comments on any blog worth a backlink will be deleted manually if not tossed automatically. The few places they stick will be populated with a hundred similar comments… all guaranteed to fool people that’ve been on the net less than 5 minutes only.

Thank you for this marvelous post dear! I was searching for this most worthy information. Please post more about this topic. I have bookmarked this site and will come back often!

Yeah… obviously the work of someone that felt a burning need to commend the writer. For the record, its always a treat to hear from you, mister Please stop in again (you dork).

I don’t think blog commenting is a waste. Anyone that actually takes the time to write a blog instead of relying on similarly worthless “auto-blog” software is always thrilled when somebody takes the time to read their work and make a comment that shows a sentient being engaged their brain and posted a reply.

Of course I figure when I finish this one… if nobody replies I can assuage my loneliness by going to the spam filter to see the comments no other human will ever see. No doubt I’ll have at least one that says…

“Thanks for your share!!! I am adding your RSS feed!!!”


Argh. Lord, please take me now. ~ Rob :)

PS: If you’re looking for blogs on the topic of your choice that are NOT auto-written… see the BOTW Blog Directory.


6 Responses to “Blog Commenting: Do’s and Don’ts”

  1. Dave says:


    Very rich writing: Combining comment spam and easy gullible women!!! LOL

    Nice writing all around and explaining the values in the directory. I learned that you guys bought dmoz. I didn’t realize that. Good luck in revitalizing that old behemoth!!!

  2. Rob Jones says:

    Hey Dave – Almost didnt recognize you outside our old forum haunt.

    C’mon… admit it. You only found this blog cause you have a Google Alert set for the phrase “gullible women”. :)

  3. Tenerife estate agents says:

    Couldn’t resist sticking a keyword in for my name lol.

    I thought most blogs were nofollow anyway so is it not a waste of time??!

  4. Rob Jones says:

    Some are, some aren’t. Not sure what the split is on that… maybe some bright person will pop in and tell us what the ratios are these days.

  5. Dawn says:

    I’m not sure what the exact figures are but the do-follow blogs with commentluv activated do seem to be having a revival.

    Love your reference to the gullible women!