Best of the Web 17th Birthday Promo

The Year Was 1994
Sheryl Crow assured us “All I Wanna Do is Have Some Fun…”. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana had a good year on the charts, despite dying in April. Newt Gingrich and his Contract for America crew staged a coup in the US House of Representatives. I acquired outstanding tickets to the new Ballpark in Arlington, just in time for Major League Baseball to go on strike and end the season before I got to use them.

“What IS the internet?” ~ Bryant Gumbel, Today Show, 1994
And in the tech world… NCSA Mosaic introduced a more user friendly browser, making it easier for non-geeks to access the then fledgling Internet. From that effort sprung a new company named Netscape. And if you think the internet has always been here, take a look at this clip of the Today Show as Katie Couric attempts to answer Bryant Gumbel when he said “What IS the internet?”.

Best of the Web is Born
In April of that year an awards program was launched at the University at Buffalo to let those already on the web vote on which sites they considered “Best of the Web”. The awards were announced in May at the International W3C Conference in Geneva. The awards were to serve two purposes:

  • Promote the Web to new/potential users by showing its highlights
  • Help information providers see what they can do with HTML/HTTP

The awards ran until the late 1990′s, and later BOTW was purchased from the founders by the current owners and turned into a general directory, The goals are still largely the same, we provide users improved access to the best sites on the net, but it has developed into a family of products.

Current offerings in addition to the BOTW Directory include the UK & Ireland Directory, BOTW Blog Directory, BOTW Local, BOTW Verticals Software Directory, the recently launched Senior Housing Directory, and finally our brand new Online Degree Directory.

Contests & Such… are you missing anything?
If you’re interested in the history you can view the original awards in our archive, but for keeping up with little things like promos, contests and the like, you really should keep an eye on BOTW via Twitter or Facebook. Those tend to have a few spur of the moment “gimmes” that don’t make it to the blog, so if you miss ‘em, don’t blame me, you’ve been alerted now. :)

BOTW Birthday Promo
Anyway, in honor of turning 17 Best of the Web is offering its biggest discount of the year: 25% off on ALL directory submissions. You’ll save $100 on submissions at the Lifetime rate (usually $399.95), and about $40 on the annually recurring rate (regularly $149.95). These savings are also available for category sponsors. All customers get a 30-day free trial for their first sponsorship, and the discount will knock off $12 on the monthly renewal rates (normally $49.95).

To obtain these savings, use this promo code:  BDAY25

This code can be used multiple times, but is only valid until April 30. Take advantage of this year’s biggest discount by submitting today.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, hope you guys are having a great week. ~ Rob


11 Responses to “Best of the Web 17th Birthday Promo”

  1. irasplinky says:

    …..dang, I don’t even remember 1994…..

    Happy Birthday BOTW!

  2. Rob Jones says:

    Geeze Furbs… I’m trying to exercise restraint and you’re throwing out straight lines? :p

  3. Kat says:

    And now I have to ponder if 1994 was the last time Rob tried to exercise restraint. ;)

  4. Nikkki says:

    Happy Birthday, BOTW! I was 12/13 in 1994, which was a rather good age to be. Happy days. Not that I appreciated that at the time, of course. It’s been a privilege to be with BOTW for the last few years :)

  5. Robbo says:

    Arrr 1994, the channel tunnel opened between England and France, OJ Simpson flees police in his white ford bronco, tensions mounts over inspection of nuclear plants in North Korea. Rover in the UK is purchased by BMW. In the US the 1st genetically engineered tomatoes go on sale and Lisa Marie Presley marries Michael Jackson.

    Yes remember it well! OK I lied and Googled it!

    Happy birthday Botw its great to be part of the team.

  6. Rob Jones says:

    Check out the rules in the Best of the Web Awards archive. In ’96 they describe measures to combat “ballot stuffing”… an email that doesn’t bounce & such… by ’97 they mention “spamming” by name.

    There are constants in the universe. :)

  7. irasplinky says:

    >OJ Simpson flees police in his white ford bronco

    …ah, yes, now I remember 1994. Too many cocktails, and playing pool 24/7 ……such a blur…..

    it’s okay to google robo, compare it to us having to do math in school, and now they use calculators. technology…’s da bomb

  8. susan says:

    Its really interesting to see that clip. I ‘discovered’ the internet in 1994 and it brings back so many memories of the excitement involved in realizing the possibilities the internet had to offer.
    Happy 17th Birthday!

  9. Paula says:

    I remember 1994 and my 17th birthday as both were life changing years for me!! :)

    Happy birthday BOTW!!

  10. [...] Shortly after the awards program shut down the rights to BOTW were purchased by the infamous “BOTW boys” and developed as a general directory… and internet (as well as t-shirt and hoodie) history followed. You can see that story (and the 25% off BOTW promo code good thru end of the month) at the BOTW Blog post, Best of the Web 17th Birthday Promo. [...]