BOTW Fans Have More to Like

Social Media: The final next frontier. Perhaps you are already so accustomed to seeing sharing and liking options online that they have long since faded into the background of your favorite websites. When you step outside of simply clicking a button on a page, however, you’ll find that sharing and connecting with your favorite businesses through social media has many benefits. If your Facebook news feed has morphed into a chaotic influx of fan page advertisements and status updates, fear not. We have no intention of spamming you. Instead, we’d like to provide you with a few reasons why the BOTW page should be one of your top Facebook Likes, and why it’s worth sharing.

Share on Social Networks

Share Your Listing
You now have the ability to “like” any given category in the Web Directory. For instance, the Bob Dylan category is liked by a handful of users. What does this mean for your listing or sponsorship? Aside from being able to express appreciation for your niche, liking a category will automatically post a link to it on your Facebook Wall. Therefore by clicking the Like button at the top of the category where your listing or sponsorship is located, it is instantly shared with your entire Facebook network.

You can also mark your approval of a category through Google’s +1 button. This will store the category, in a sense bookmarking it, in your Google account and share it as a recommendation when your contacts search related items through the mainstream search engine. The combination of having reliable directory listings with social media sharing capabilities creates the opportunity to potentially reach thousands of viewers.

Promo, please!
We get countless emails every day asking where to find announcements about upcoming or currently active promotions. Aside from right here, the answer is Facebook. By liking our Facebook page, it will not only appear in your news feed the moment a new promotion is announced, but you’ll also be made privy to opportunities to win coupons and other prizes every week.

BOTW on Facebook

Once you like BOTW on Facebook, stay tuned for updates and the opportunity to participate in the Trivia Challenges. You can win a Trivia Challenge, and the monetary prize that comes with it, by being the first BOTW fan to post the correct answer to the day’s challenge. Prizes range from coupons on BOTW directory submissions, Amazon gift cards, and prizes from other select partners. Any fan can win a coupon one time per week, and is eligible to win a gift card once every month.

Vacation with BOTW & Win
If you’re a true fan of Best of the Web, you probably have a t-shirt or a mug from one of the many conferences and gatherings over the years. Now that gear can win you money through the “Guess Where BOTW’s Been” contest. Simply take a photo with your BOTW gear set in an *exotic location and email it to Anyone who participates by sending a picture will automatically win a $25 Amazon gift card. If your photo is later posted on the page under the “Guess Where BOTW’s Been” contest, you’ll win an additional $100 Amazon gift card.

These are just a few ways to get the most out of the social media being implemented through the Web Directory. So, go ahead, click “Like” on our sidebar widget. Whether you’re looking for additional attention for your newly added listing or sponsorship, or are looking for an available coupon to help cut the cost of your next submission, getting involved through Facebook can only help your cause.

*Exotic locations do not have to be tropical; however, locations must be identifiable through a landmark or other prominent feature. Those who submit via email must include their full name, contact information, and the name of the location pictured. Emailed photo submissions will be accepted through August 2011.


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