7 of the Best Free SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

If you’re running a business, by definition you have a busy schedule. Search engine optimization can easily seem like just one more chore and it’s easy for it to get pushed down your priority list – but fortunately, there are a host of extensions for Google Chrome which will save you time and hassle. Best of all, all the extensions in this list are free!

In no particular order, here are some top tools you should check out.

Keywords Everywhere

This in-browser extension means you no longer have to flick back and forth from the Google Keywords tool; instead, it shows you on screen the monthly search volume, cost per click and Google Adwords competition for whatever keywords you’re considering. You’ll also get ‘people also search for’ insight – and it’s compatible with Firefox too.

SEO Meta in 1 Click

Want to see all of the meta tags for a webpage with just one click? Here you go – a quick, easy and fuss-free way to see meta titles, meta descriptions, headers and alt text for images. You’ll also be able to see all the links on a page at a glance.

Ninja Outreach Lite

Turn your browser into an advanced data mining machine! For any URL, find names, addresses, meta descriptions, links, visits per month, social shares per post, page rank, domain authority and much more besides. You’ll also be able to see monetization techniques such as banner ads or email lists.


This useful extension is helpful for users researching new potential SEO strategies – it enables you to see traffic and key metrics for any website as you are browsing. A fantastic research tool, it reveals what your competitors are up to and helps with understanding customer intent and the customer journey.

Buzz Sumo

This popular extension is an easy way to track social media content, simplifying share tracking and enabling you to discover the content which performs best. It also checks your backlinks and can be useful for identifying influencers and potential partners.


This Chrome extension will tell you at a glance the domain authority and page authority for any site you visit. Use it to research competitors or potential collaborators; it’s particularly useful for identifying the best performing pages on any given website.

SEO Minion

If you need help/inspiration to stay on top of daily SEO tasks such as link checking and SEO analysis, SEO Minion is a great help. In as little as 10 minutes a day, you will know you’ve done something productive and useful. It highlights necessary jobs in a clear and easy to keep track of manner.

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