Installing an awning is not easy, but a good awning company will do all the hard work of installing your awning, patio cover, and more. They have the skill to do the job right and quickly, and they will back up all their work with a warranty.

Adding a retractable awning or screening a porch can improve your home and make life more pleasant, but only if you hire the right professional to do the work. That’s where Best of the Web comes in. Here you’ll find a list of professional awning companies near you, all pre-approved so you’ll know you can trust them. 

We Do It All
3016 Nw 24th St
Fort Worth, TX 76106

For a durable Fort Worth awning to complement your patio, deck, or porch, We Do It All Awning will get the job done. It'll keep you cool in the summer, protect you from rain, and much more.

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Phone(682) 622-0095

We Do It All
3016 Nw 24th St
Fort Worth, TX 76106

For a durable Fort Worth awning to complement your patio, deck, or porch, We Do It All Awning will get the job done. It'll keep you cool in the summer, protect you from rain, and much more.

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Awning companies provide a variety of services, some of which are:

  • Window awnings: Window awnings prevent a lot of the harshest sunlight from streaming through your windows, improving the aesthetics of your home and improving energy efficiency. An awning company will do all the hard work of installing these on all your windows for you.
  • Patio covers: Many awning companies install patio covers now. One of these could make your outdoor space much more enjoyable. 
  • Retractable awnings: Retractable awnings shade things in the summer, but retract to let some sunlight through in the winter. An awning company will help find the right solution for your needs.
  • Screen-in porches: Many awning companies also screen-in porches. This allows you to enjoy the fresh air in the shade of your porch while the screen keeps the bugs at bay.
  • Commercial awnings: Most awning companies can install awnings for commercial buildings. Sometimes these require special attention because of the size, the shape, or because they want a company logo to appear on it.
  • Professional awning cleaning: Most awning companies also offer cleaning services. They’ll come to wash away all the contaminants, dirt, and bird droppings from your awning, extending its life and improving its appearance.
  • Awning repair: Rips in the canvas, broken supports, or damaged retraction motors can prevent your awning from performing to its full potential. An awning company will get your awning fixed up, working right, and looking good.

Professional awning companies can help you do all of the above and more. They’ll help you select an awning or canopy, and they know what potential problems to look for when planning an installation. 

Cost Guide for Awning Installation or Repair

The price to have an awning or canopy installed varies. You can expect your location, awning material, size of awnings, the difficulty of installation, and the number of awnings you’re having installed to affect the overall cost.


Here are the average costs for some common services:


Window Awning Installation (per window)

  • Range: $213-661
  • National average: $452

Professional Awning Cleaning 

  • Range: $0.25-2.00 per sqft.
  • National average: $1.15 per sqft.

Awning Repair

  • Range: $165-1,058
  • National average: $556

Retractable Awning Installation

  • Range: $631-4,409
  • National average: $2,416

Screen-In A Porch

  • Range: $671-2,594
  • National average: $1,743


Tips For Hiring An Awning Company

Follow these tips below when hiring an awning company to find the best company for you.


Check Their Reputation On Best Of The Web

It’s always important to check the reputation and reviews of an awning company before you hire them. You can do that here, on Best of the Web. You’ll see a pre-sorted list of awning companies near you. When you find them on Best of the Web, you know they are pre-verified and trusted professionals.


Get Multiple Quotes

Be sure to check around and get multiple quotes before you hire an awning company. Ask about price, any additional costs, and how long it will take. Get as many details as possible, including the materials used for the awning they will install. Be suspicious of quotes wildly outside of the normal range, as those companies may not understand what you want or may provide an inferior product or service.


Ask About A Warranty

Ask about the warranty when selecting an awning company. A short warranty may not change who you ultimately decide to hire, but you should calculate it into your costs. If a company offers a short warranty, you could wind up paying more if there is a defect or you need a repair. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a permit to install an awning?

In most circumstances, you won’t need a permit to install an awning in a residential area. This depends on your local codes though, so always check with the city. If you have an HOA, they may have rules regarding awnings, so check with your HOA board.

Commercial properties are a different story. Many municipalities have very specific regulations and guidelines regarding awnings in commercial spaces. New awnings typically need a permit, but repairs or replacements do not. Check the building code to be sure. 


How long do awnings last?

An awning should last you 5-15 years, depending on the type of awning. A canvas awning lasts about eight years, on average, but a vinyl awning could last as little as five. More durable awnings made from aluminum, steel, or acrylic can last much longer.


Can I install my own awning?

If you’re only installing a single awning in an easy to reach location, installing it yourself can save some money. In most cases, though, you should let the pros handle the work. Mounting an awning incorrectly could damage your home, look bad, and require you to hire a pro to fix it anyway. A lot of awnings are high enough that you’ll need to work from a ladder or lift, so installing it yourself could also potentially be dangerous.

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